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New comics on SF vs. NYC life have us thinking, "Yes and oh, yes"


Yeah, we enjoy strolling the streets in our birthday suits and are obsessed with recycling. And...?

Comedian, author, blogger, and 2017 Hot 20 honoree Sarah Cooper has just released a new installment of her comic series that compares-slash-brilliantly-rips-on life in San Francisco and New York City. And there's a reason that this afore-linked article was 7x7's most-read story of 2017: The cartoons are hilarious AF.

Now, the NYC to SF expat has done it again, training her sharp eye on our various odd eating and sexual habits, general brokeness, and sock-cozied extremities in her new set of illos that will have you nodding your heads in agreement, LOL-ing, and rolling your eyes at our eccentricities. Cooper's "satirical" observations can be described just one way: #troof.

// thecooperreview.com.

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