Seven Ways to Keep Warm and Well Fed at Outside Lands

Seven Ways to Keep Warm and Well Fed at Outside Lands


It’s kind of ridiculous that we can pay as much attention to the food lineup as the music lineup at this weekend’s Outside Landsfestival, but that’s how we roll here in Ess Eff. The weekend is shaping up to be a doozy of foggy, misty, and wet weather (damn you, Fogust!), so here are some tablehopper recos for keeping toasty (and maybe a little toasted, hic).

Drink Beer

Mmmm, beer. Especially when it’s the special saison Sierra Nevada makes for Outside Lands (check it out early, it goes fast). There will be a bunch of other sudsy offerings from the likes of Almanac Brewing Co. (check out their Biere de Chocolat), Magnolia Brewery is pouring their Kalifornia Kölsch, Pacific Brewing Laboratory will have a trio of options…yeah, you have some Sophie’s Choice decisions to make—it’s a great lineup (this is what happens when Dave McLean of Magnolia curates the list!). 

Drink Wine

A big bonus is the fact that Wine Lands is partially enclosed, so you’re already on your way to warmth. Get some color back in your cheeks with pours from Forlorn Hope, Robert Sinskey, Scribe, Turley, and a bunch more of choice selections curated by Peter Eastlake. I just hope the new Cheese Lands is nearby…. 

Eat the Poutine from The Whole Beast (in Outside Lambs)

I can’t wait to hit this one again: John Fink made some seriously tasty lamb poutine last year, and whoa, French fries cooked in rendered lamb fat is really taking it to the next level. There’s also going to be lamb curry stew (that’ll warm ya up!) and lamb schwarma with Berbere (a feisty spice mix).

Check Out Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burgers

I finally had one of these burgers at SF Chefs over the weekend, and it did not disappoint, no sirree. Chef Tom Pizzica has created a pork belly patty that he sears to a nice golden brown, and the version I had (the All American) was in a soft slider-sized roll with rosemary mayo, sharp cheddar cheese, and a thin slice of apple. Genius combo. Look for some additional options this weekend, including a bahn baby, banh belly burger, and the Dick Bombay belly burger (which sounds like it will go well with the curried onion rings).

Warm Up with Pozole from Alicia's Tamales Los Mayas

Look, it’s going to be cold out there, and a hot bowl of Mexican pozole soup will assuredly set you right. I have only had Alicia Villanueva’s delicious tamales, which will also be served, but I have a good feeling that her pozole will be awesome. See you in line.

Get Some Coffee

During one of those misty-ass nights last year, a warm coffee was the perfect move to get some heat back in me (and my hands). I’m happy to see Trouble Coffee and Blue Bottle Coffee Co. will be making their first OL appearances, so track ’em down. Don’t drink coffee? Charles Chocolates will serve hot chocolate too.

Ride Your Bike

There is no better way to get to Outside Lands and back than on two wheels, trust. Not only does it warm you up, but it helps burn off all that lamb poutine you ate. The organizers set up tons of bike parking, easy peasy. And you won’t be stuck standing on Fulton Street trying to catch a cab, pay surge pricing for an Uber, or hope your iGypsy cab driver isn’t a freak like the one I had last week. 

Have fun out there. Yeah Yeah Yeah! (Oh, and a final pro tip for the ladies—be sure to bring some Kleenex packs with you. In the past, the Porta-Potties were not as well-stocked as they should have been. Ahem.) 

Marcia Gagliardi is the founder of the weekly tablehopper e-column; subscribe and get more food news and gossip at Follow her on Twitter: @tablehopper.

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