SF Artist Rex Ray Designs Exclusive iPad2 Cover for DODOcase

SF Artist Rex Ray Designs Exclusive iPad2 Cover for DODOcase


Starting today, you can add some flair to your too-sleek-for-school iPad2. Lauded local artist Rex Ray, known for his vividly colored artwork of abstract shapes, has collaborated with SF’s own DODOcase, and the two have just launched a signature series of exclusive designs to jazz up your tablet in a retro-modern fashion.

The Rex Ray iPad2 DODOcase retails for $89.95, but we’re offering one lucky reader the chance to win a signed original. Be the first person to email events@7x7.com what Rex cites below as one of his favorite projects, and the tablet cover is yours.

Here, a Q&A with the artist himself, plus a short Rex Ray video of the design process using the traditional bookbinding technique of foil stamping.

What was your design process for the iPad2 cover for DODOcase?
Since the construction of the DODOcase employs traditional bookbinding techniques, I kept my process pretty basic. I went for a simpler, bolder composition that would render well on the surface of the case.

Did you face any challenges creating an e-reader case using your signature graphics?
I tend to go a little crazy and create a lot of options in the beginning of any project, so the big challenge I’m confronted with is always ‘which one’? I also tend to work ‘big and bold,’ so my style was well-suited to the product.

In general, what impact has technology placed on your work?
As a graphic artist, the impact of technology on my work cannot be overstated. But, I’m also very ambivalent, if not down-right suspicious, of new technology. That’s why I tend to split my creative time between the computer and things that are entirely handmade, but the influence of the digital is always evident in my handmade works and vice versa.

Speaking of technology, are you an early adopter or a late majority?
A bit of both—I bought an iPad the week they came out, but I have yet to fully embrace my Twitter account.

How has the iPad changed your day-to-day routine?
Having an iPad allows me to waste more time during the day! That’s a wonderful thing for a professional procrastinator like myself.  I can get lost on my iPad and avoid work for hours no matter where I am.

You’re known for using a bright palette in your designs. Explain your affinity for bold colors.
I grew up in the ’60s and ’70s, and the art and design of those decades had a huge impact on me. One writer suggested I was referencing ‘psychedelic memory’ and without revealing too much personal history, I think that’s pretty accurate.

As a graphic designer, you have a vast body of work—everything from designs for Apple to rock ‘n’ roll posters for Bill Graham Presents. What are some of your favorite projects?
Is this your coy way of asking me about David Bowie? Working with him was a great experience. I wanted to be a graphic artist when I was younger because of album covers, so working with him was a teenage wet dream come true.

Any local artists we should keep our eyes on?
Tucker Nichols and Cliff Hengst.

Rex Ray DODOcase from DODOcase on Vimeo.

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