SF Law Firm Giving Landlords Free Workshops on How to Evict Tenants


Everybody is freaking out about the state of rent in the Bay Area. It's the talk of parties (sooo, how much do you pay for that 2-bedroom, 1-bath?) and it's less than six-degrees of separation to a victim of eviction. 

If you're not totally freaking out, it's because (a) you're rich or (b) you own or (c) you have a rent controlled apartment which you'll live in until you meet someone rich or you die of cat lady disease. Or at least that's what you think.

Your landlord may have other ideas, and to make said ideas a reality, a local law firm is offering free workshops on how to evict tenants. Melissa Bosworth alerted us to this very real event put on by Bornstein & Bornstein and sponsored by Bay Property Group. As she highlighted in a post written for Broke-Ass Stuart's Goddamn website, San Francisco Rent Control -- Boot Camp offered a 90-minute PowerPoint presentation that covered everything from how to oust grandmas without the guilt, how to screw tenants over, and how to write a lease that makes it easy to expel your occupants. Read Bosworth's full story here.

Intrigued? Luckily, you can sign up for the next workshop which takes place on Thursday, January 16. There's no word on whether the firm is offering free workshops on how to sue your landlord for wrongly evicting you, but that may be in the program for 2014.

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