Shitoberfest: Sketch Comedy of the Creatively Vulgar Persuasion


Shit shows are usually associated with far too much tequila, possibly served in the presence of strippers, and often provide concrete evidence of poor decision-making skills. Like watering your landlord's hydrangeas with recycled gin at 3 a.m. But PianoFight’s version of the S.H.I.T. Show - reintroduced as Shitoberfest after a sold-out nine week run - is a lot funnier than your average hangover.

Sketch comedy of the creatively vulgar (read: truly wrong) persuasion, Shitoberfest features engraved orgy invitations, British horse husbandry (we assume they're are in different skits), enraged folk singers, raccoon puppets, existential beer pong, and way too many burritos. Considered the funniest show they’ve ever done, even with a track record of seriously funny shit, Shitoberfest is worth the trip to Market St.
Through October 30. Off-Market Theaters, 965 Mission Street. Tickets are $15-20 at


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