Soma Grand Opening Party

photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

Joie de Vivre's Soma Grand celebrated its grand opening last week with a ritzy party at its Mission Street location. Residences range in size from about 660-square-foot junior one bedrooms to 1,600-plus square-foot three-bedrooms, with prices starting in the mid-$500,000s.

Ellen Rhee_Ian Gaffney Jane Kwett_Esme Wilson Christy Feaver_Scott Patterson
Ellen Rhee, Ian Gaffney               Jane Kwett, Esme Wilson          Christy Feaver, Scott Patterson

Justin Adams_Vydia Bala Taylor Brekke_Cary Levine Sarah Denig_Carly Helsaple
Justin Adams, Vydia Bala            Taylor Brekke, Cary Levine       Sarah Denig, Carly Helsaple

Soma Grand John Jasso_Pomme Ratanakanaka
                                                                                                          John Jasso, Pomme Ratanakanaka

Heidi Meredith_Jami Witek_Angela Petrella Michael Covarrubias_Alexis Wong
Heidi Meredith, Jami Witek, Angela Petrella                              Michael Covarrubias, Alexis Wong

Bert Toledo_Wendy Holder Michael Boucher_Gian Paolo Veronese
Bert Toledo, Wendy Holder                                                  Michael Boucher, Gian Paolo Veronese

Sandy Cha_Chip Conley_Ellen Rhee Anna Gruszecki_Shannon Hinkle
Sandy Cha, Chip Conley, Ellen R.                                                 Anna Gruszecki, Shannon Hinkle

Paul Pelosi_Francis Stark_Ben Lorenzoni CaryLevine_TravisHellyer
Paul Pelosi, Jr., Francis Stark, Ben Lorenzoni                                    Cary L., Travis Hellyer

Connie Brinkman_Jen Scaring_Danielle George Patrick Banks_Hala Hijazi
Connie Brinkman, Jen Scaring, Danielle George                            Patrick Banks, Hala Hijazi

Kathy Greenwall, Frank Chan, Alexis W., Adam Chall

Vladimirskiy_Levine_Chapin Rienzo_Hellyer
Misha Vladimirskiy, Cary L., Demetrius Chapin Rienzo, Travis H.

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