#TBT: Meet Some of Our OG Bay Area Natives, the Ohlone


San Francisco once belonged to the Yelamu.

It's Thanksgiving, and in addition to finding gratitude for all that we have, we also wanted to give a nod to the natives and history of our home. Before the summer of love and the gold rush, what is now the Bay Area was Ohlone (also referred to as Costanoan) land. Take a step into their culture.

Ohlone Garb

Ohlone men often wore no clothes, but would use mud, deerskin, rabbitskin, and duck feathers to keep warm. Women wore two skirts--the front skirt made from tule or bark fiber, and the back skirt made with deerskin. They also used carrying nets. The Ohlone tattooed their faces with dots and lines, and wore jewelry made from materials incuding abalone shell.

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