The Bon Vivant: Charleston Pierce, fashion show producer and modeling coach


Charleston Pierce has kept his finger on the city’s fashion pulse for more than 20 years. He’s pulled together a runway show in 48 hours, and he’s even worked the catwalk with Tyra Banks. Most importantly, the Bayview native has given local models a platform on which to strut their stuff with his production company, Charleston Pierce Presents. Over the years, Pierce has learned three critical things: Always be show-ready, connect with the audience and do whatever it takes to sell the clothes. Now in his 21st season with Macy’s Passport, he’s more ready than ever to use his skill and passion to encourage budding fashionistas to practice model confidence.

What’s your best style advice that works on and off the runway?

The second you walk out of the house, the world is your runway. Wear what you like, be OK with who you are and always have a vision for what you’re aspiring to be.

What sets SF women apart from others in terms of style?
SF women play by their own rules, make their own fashion statements and are savvy on their own accord.

Favorite local shop?
I’m almost always in a suit. I get mine from Gene Hiller in Sausalito. They’ve got the best selection of Italian designers for menswear.

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