This Fantastical Digital Exhibit at Menlo Park's Pace Art + Technology Is a Total Trip


On the heels of its San Francisco teaser at last month's Fog Design + Art, TeamLab, an interdisciplinary artists group that hails from Japan, is unveiling 20 immersive digital works in a new exhibit, "Living Digital Space and Future Parks," at Pace Art + Technology’s Menlo Park pop-up gallery. 

(Courtesy of TeamLab and Pace Gallery)

With influences in both ancient Japanese art and such contemporary forms as animé, TeamLab's site-specific installations in Menlo will offer what Pace Gallery president Marc Glimcher calls “a real art experience and a new art experience.” And it's compelling to say the least.

“The idea is to move you through different immersive environments in order to create a journey," says Glimcher, hinting at the exhibit's 20,000 square feet that spans multiple rooms. Here, viewers are incited to directly engage with the universal themes of creativity, play, and exploration. Eight of the 20 works were designed specifically for children.

(Courtesy of TeamLab and Pace Gallery)

Among the works on display, some, including Flowers and People (pictured above) are showing for the first time in North America; other works will be making their international debut.  //  Through July 1, 2016; tickets are available at

(Courtesy of TeamLab and Pace Gallery)

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