Want To Go To Lil B's First-Ever San Francisco Show at Mezzanine?


Of the local artists we named the 7 to watch in 2011, the one who's blown up the most since is Berkeley-bred Lil B. This prolific firebrand has been on a roll for months––just check up on any of the 12 mixtapes he self-released in 2010, one of the four he's already done this year, or his first album released on an actual label, Angels Exodus (Amalgam Digital). In the vein of Nicki Minaj, Odd Future and Das Racist, he's been called the Bay Area's own weirdo rapper, repping hard and taking names in the post Lil Wayne music world.

That's why we're especially stoked to offer you free tickets to his first-ever San Francisco show, going down at the Mezzanine on April 21st. The fact that it's a must-see is a no-brainer; he's one of the most exciting rap voices to come out of the Bay in a long while. Just email us at events@7x7.com by next Tuesday, April 19 for a chance to win a spot on the guestlist––it's as easy as that! Otherwise, buy tickets here.

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