What Those Emojis Really Mean

What Those Emojis Really Mean


Emojis—they're everywhere now. Hell, they even made an entire movie about them. Now your boss and coworkers are using them endlessly in text, email and Slack.

But do you know what those emojis really mean? Let's take a look at some of the more popular ones and show you their true meanings…

Smiley Face

"I'm trying to end this conversation in the politest way possible."


"Millennials want more feedback so let me give you feedback you don't deserve with an emoji that shows I'm cool and understand your generation. Great job!"

Eye Roll

"Maybe I'll tell you over drinks sometimes."

Thumbs up

"I can only type the word "ok" in an email so much, so I'm using this thumbs up."

Ghost Face

"I'm amazed at how easily you've all f'ed up this entire project. It's impressive."


"I may be smiling on the outside, but this entire project is a steaming pile of poo."

Face Palm

"I work with idiots. Just tons and tons of idiots. Guess this is what a philosophy degree gets you."

Speak no evil monkey

"I'm not ratting out Brenda who finished all the non-dairy, organic, non-GMO almond milk. But we all know who it was."


"I don't know. Stop asking me. I don't even know why I'm cc'ed on this email."

This article was written by Terence Morley and originally appeared on The Cooper Review.

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