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Where to Buy Your Thanksgiving Turkey in the Bay Area


It's that time of year, folks, when visions of giblets and gravy boats dance in our heads. If you happen to be hosting Thanksgiving this year, or acting as MVP by bringing the turkey to a potluck bash, you may be hot on the hunt for the perfect bird. And for gourmands that want to opt for something organic, heritage-bred, or just more flavorful, local Bay Area butchers and markets have you covered.

Not sure how big a bird you should get? Estimate one to one-and-a-half pounds of turkey for everyone who will be at the table.

Belcampo Meat Co.

The Birds: Belcampo's four Bay Area locations are offering three types of turkeys this holiday: Belcampo organic, pastured broad-breasted white or heritage turkeys from their farm near Mt. Shasta, or white turkeys from BN Ranch. They're organic, non-GMO, and steroid-/antibiotic-free.

The Prices: BN Ranch White Turkeys are $5.99/lb; Belcampo White Turkeys are $7.99/lb; Belcampo Heritage Turkeys: $11.99/lb

Extras: A Belcampo dinner with roasted turkeys is $299 and feeds 10-12 people.

Get It: Pick up dates are Monday, Nov 22 to Weds., Nov. 23 before 4pm in-stores. // 1998 Polk (Nob Hill); 2405 Larkspur Landing Circle, Bldg 4 (Larkspur); 855 El Camino Real, #161 (Palo Alto)

Bi Rite Market

The Birds: Heritage and broad-breasted turkeys from BN Ranch, plus Mary's Certified Organic and Mary's Free Range turkeys.

The Prices: BN Ranch heritage turkeys are $77 for 7-10lbs; and Mary's organic are $50 for 7-10lbs; and free-range turkeys are $39 for 12-14lbs.

Extras: A plethora of sides, soups, desserts, and wines make Thanksgiving dinner a breeze.

Get It: Available for pre-order online before Tuesday, November 22nd at 4pm. // 3639 18th St. (Mission); 550 Divisadero St. (NoPa)

Local Mission Market

The Birds: Free range turkeys from Branigan's Turkey Farm and BN Ranch.

The Prices: Branigan's are $6/lb and BN birds are $9/lb. Turkeys range between 10-14 pounds. .

Special Options: Local specializes in making delicious meals a touch easier, and they're brine-by-request option fits the bill. “We want people to have great turkeys," says owner Yaron Milgrom.

Get It: Pre-order yours online. // 2670 Harrison St. (Mission)

Luke's Local

The Birds: Broad-breasted turkeys from BN Ranch and heritage turkeys from BN and Willie Bird.

The Prices: Broad-breasted for $5.25 per pound in two size ranges (14-19 pounds and 19-22 pounds).

Special Options: Get them already smoked, plus a half turkey option.

Extras: Order the brining kit for $9.

Get It: They're accepting orders now through Wednesday, November 23 on their website or by calling (415) 643-4510. Delivery is available Tuesday and Wednesday, November 22-23, in San Francisco, the East Bay, and South Bay. Pickup is available 8 to 12pm, on Thursday, November 24. // 1750 Cesar Chavez St. Unit E (Potrero Hill)

Olivier's Butchery

The Birds: This Dogpatch spot is offering Branigan's Turkeys, which come from a family-owned operation in Woodland, CA that's been free-range farming the birds since 1942. They raise their turkeys to 25 to 27 weeks (most turkeys are raised until 16 weeks), allowing the animals to develop a thin film of fat under the skin. Mother Nature's way of self-basting, if you will.

The Prices: Call for prices and to order: 415-558-9887

Extras: They'll also carry a turkey roti: half of a de-boned turkey filled with their house stuffing (made with pork sausage and chestnut). Also available are chicken and duck rotis for those going turkey-free this holiday.

Get It: Place your order before Monday, November 21. // 1074 Illinois St. (Dogpatch)

Whole Foods

The Birds: Sure, Whole Foods is national, but they're sourcing their turkeys from Diestel Family Turkey Ranch in Sonora as well as Mary's Turkey. They offer organic, pasture-raised, non-GMO Project Verified options, and all of their turkeys are raised without antibiotics or added hormones.

The Prices: Range from $2.69 per pound for Mary's to $7 per pound for pasture-raised. Organic birds are around $5 per pound.

Special Options: Get yours pre-brined in lemon herb or Mediterranean flavors. They also offer pre-cooked birds, so you can finish them in the oven on Thanksgiving Day, cutting cooking time.

Get It: Order online, over the phone, or at the store any time between now and November 22nd.


The Birds: Again, they're a national chain, yes. But they're based in the Bay Area and offer prized birds from just north, namely Willie Bird Turkeys from Sonoma. They're raised on a tasty natural diet and allowed to roam freely in the golden, oak-shaded hills. Birds come in 6 weight ranges and two options—free-range, free-range organic (raised on organic grains and are certified to be free of artificial pesticides and chemicals)

The Prices: Free-range are $79.95 to $179.95; free-range organic are $109.95 to $219.95.

Special Options: Get yours pre-brined; or opt for smoked whole turkeys for $110, which are rubbed with a brown-sugar cure and spiked with garlic, then slow-smoked to succulent perfection. Approximately 12 to 13 pounds (serves 10–12).

Get It: Fresh birds are shipped directly to you from the farm. For Thanksgiving delivery, order by 5pm PST on Fri., November 18th. Quantities are limited. Standard shipping charges plus $15 delivery fee apply.


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