Whole Foods 365 nears approval in Nob Hill, Anderson Cooper hearts SF pizza + more topics to discuss over brunch



Here's a handful of Bay Area stories you may have missed this week.

San Francisco's First Whole Foods 365 Slated for Approval, Socketsite

If the Amazonification of Whole Foods has got you down, you can at least take heart that 365, the pricey grocer's cheaper spin-off, is at last nearing approval to break ground at the corner of Polk and Jackson Street. Read more.

Anderson Cooper Loved This SF Pizza So Much He Had to Instagram It, SF Eater

"Best food I've had in a long time!" raved the silver fox, upon dining at the new Divisadero Street restaurant Che Fico. Read more.

China Finds California Wine Pairs Well With a Trade War, The New York Times

One of the fastest-growing markets for wine imports, the country slapped a 15 percent tariff on Cali vino this week in retaliation against the Trump administration—and it's gonna hurt (us, not Trump). Read more.

New Yosemite leader Michael Reynolds faces challenges in valley he knows well, San Francisco Chronicle

You might remember him as the guy who posted those lame inauguration pics to Twitter (holla!), but the new head of Yosemite National Park is as native to the park as it gets. "I've either not really gone far in my life, or it's full circle, and it's a pretty cool story," he says. Read more.

Saudi Prince Buys Out Entire Four Seasons Hotel For Royal Entourage, CBS Local

If you tried to get a reservation at the posh Palo Alto hotel this week and couldn't, blame it on this guy—the crown prince needed all 200 rooms for his entourage. Hey, if you got it, flaunt it. Read more.

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