10 Beauty Products OGLF (Our Good Living Formula) Recommends This Summer
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10 Beauty Products OGLF (Our Good Living Formula) Recommends This Summer


Summer is here for us to enjoy and make great memories. It is the season where going outdoors and enjoying the sun is the most common activity of young people and those young at heart.

Women want to enjoy the summer season with beauty products that not only enhance the innate beauty, but also give sun protection and don't easily wear off. Here are 10 beauty products recommended by Our Good Living Formula (OGLF) to try depending on your skin's needs.

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Liquid Lipstick

Your lips deserve all the attention they deserve not only during summer, but on a regular basis when needed. Summer means extra attention should be paid to them due to longer sun and pollution exposure. We may not notice it, but dust and minute particles stick to our lips and dehydrate and irritate them. Sun exposure for extended periods can also contribute to drying and flaking of our lips. Regular lipstick and lip gloss offer instantaneous beautification, but fall low when it comes to the protection of your lips. The liquid lipstick offers protection, hydration and beautification in one package. Choose one with matte formulation and finish to give your lips maximum protection and long-lasting color and glow. Urban Decay, Huda Beauty, Mac and Revlon are just a few of the trusted brands that can deliver long-lasting color and protection which gives you a worry-free enjoyment under the summer sun.


Your eyes are one of the best assets of your face that you can work on to emphasize and also protect. People notice your eyes when you talk to them, so give them the eyes that show not just your physical beauty, but also the beauty of your soul. Accentuate your eye beauty by applying volume-adding mascara that lasts for a long time and resists the smearing and running. Waterproofing your makeup, especially around the eyes, allows you to enjoy summer events, parties and gatherings without feeling uneasy about smudging or smearing your eyes and staying confident the whole day. Tears, sweat and accidental spillages won't stop the show for you. Maybelline, La Roche-Posay and CoverGirl made a list of the best mascaras, that can lengthen, volumize and accentuate your eyes for long periods of time.

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Brow Pencil

Another beauty product that gives your eyes more emphasis is the brow pencil. The eyebrows are one of the least-attended parts of the eye area that are actually valuable in accentuating its beauty. The eyebrows actually improve the conveying of emotions. An exquisitely lined and shaped eyebrow can draw people's attention to how you move and carry them while also gaining that fuller look. NYX, Essence, Anastasia and L'Oréal are just a few of the best choices of eyebrow pencils you'd love to include in your beauty essentials.


Beauty products not only accentuate the beautiful parts and the strong assets of your face. They also help you cover up flaws and less desirable features and also help draw people's attention to facial features you want to emphasize. The concealer serves just that purpose. You won't have to worry about dark circles, breakouts, spots, blemishes and other discolorations around your face. The concealer gets you covered, literally – it's simple and easy to apply. Versatility, reliability and compactness are just the basic qualities you'll need about a reliable concealer. Also, you don't need to cover all or most parts of your face. You can choose to apply it on a particular problematic spot along with the application of your foundation. Also, choose a product that gives you options for colors and not just limit you with flesh-toned or just a shade or two. These make the job of correcting or hiding flaws better and less obvious. Lastly, the concealer should be handy. Choose one that's comfortable, fits your makeup kit or pouch, no matter what the size. Tubes and sticks are your best bets when it comes to portability and easy storage. Maybelline, Laura Mercier, Huda Beauty, La Mer and Bobbi Brown are just a few of the top picks you can consider for your concealer brands.


Prepping up your face for a wide variety of makeup applications will need a reliable foundation. The foundation makes your serious makeup session a breeze by making your skin tone even and also a reliable base for other applications like blush and contour. Choosing a foundation that works best for you may not be an easy task as it seems. You'll need to consider your skin type, skin age and skin health. Not all skins are made equal, and some can be oily, dry, acne-prone, sensitive, full, sagging and many other qualities you'll have to take into account. The folks at OGLF.org advise that getting reliable and unbiased information for beauty tips and having access to product reviews and latest insights. Trustworthy reviews, tips and information about beauty and health products can empower us to improve our well-being, health and way of living. That said, you can align great product reviews with your actual skin needs for best product choices, even for foundation. A full-coverage foundation can be a good option. Applying a small, pea-sized drop on your skin can even out and smoothing its finish. MAC, Becca, NARS and It Cosmetics make the lineup of great foundation choices.

Pore Strips

Beauty products don't only consist of makeup products and other skin applications, they also include products that promote skin health and wellness. Pore strips are handy to have inside your bags as skin emergency kits. Want to get rid of blackheads? These can be quite troublesome when you are on the go and have no time to apply astringents. You'll find yourself frequently in a situation, especially during summer where outdoor and beach activities make up most of your day. You may no longer have time to touch up when things move so fast from one outdoor activity to another. These strips work best when open your skin pores with heat. Before venturing out into the sunny paradise, you can take a warm shower or apply a warm wash rag on your face for a few minutes before putting it up to slightly dry and applying the strip. Slightly damp skin makes it easier for the strip to adhere. Heads up, lifting and pulling your skin can cause problems like pain, redness, irritation and peeling. The strip then collects dirt, grime, blackheads and gunk. However, it also leaves the pores open during the cleaning process, which can lead to infection. So choose pore strips that are gentle on the skin. Down to The Pore, Bioré and Yes to Grapefruit make it to the list of gentle pore strip brands, but one product stands out as a complete package – Neutrogena's Blackhead Eliminating Pore Strip to Facial Scrub. As a remedy to the vulnerable open pores after applying the strip, simply wet Neutorgena's strip with water and massage the salicylic acid into the skin to deep-clean and shrink the size of your pores. That's 2-in-1 and complete protection for you.

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Eyeshadow palette

Summer is associated with vibrant colors and don't leave your beauty products behind when it comes to color and liveliness. Going back to the best frontline asset of your face, your eyes can definitely welcome a wide variety of colors, especially on the eyelids. Step out of the neutral colors and go with the summer's colorful flow by applying lively colors to your lids. You can choose a compact palette that has a varying range of colors and shades: shimmery, foil and matte. You'll get that lively summer-ready look for your lids while enjoying the outdoors with friends. Milani, Anastasia, Rimmel and Violet Voss are just a few of the multi-colored palettes you can choose from a rainbow-themed pair of lids.

Styling gel

Time to move on from the face to the hair. This is also one of the body parts that are most exposed to the sun and the hot, humid summer air. In case you didn't know, humidity can be your hair's worst enemy aside from the sun. Curly hair is especially vulnerable to humid air. Also, styling gels work best on moist, wet hair so apply styling gel after taking a shower and after giving your hair a quick rinse. So before venturing outside for summer fun, give your hair the best protection and style enhancement by applying a styling gel. Choose one that has a moisturizing and shielding effect to give your hair a moisturized, lively and a prolonged voluminous look. Make the definition of your curly or wavy locks last longer by applying a styling gel. Also go for medium to strong hold for a long-lasting voluminous effect on your twist-out, braid out or wash and go hair. Your curls will look shiny, slick and full for a worry-free outdoor enjoyment this summer. Mielle Organics, FRAGFRE, Jovinno, Eco and Pantene make a great choice list for your styling gel.

Body oil

Summer is the best season to shine – literally! Make your skin glow and shimmer under the summer sun by applying body oil. Skin protection and beautification go well together, even under the fierce summer heat. Body oil works well in tandem with a sunblock. Oil adheres and coats the sunblock for longer staying power and protection from the sun's heat and gets your best glow on at the same time. Reflect the sun's rays and by an eye catcher and head turner whenever you go out with friends. Whether it's a beach stroll, boulevard walks, summer play, party or just about any outdoor activity, look your best and exude your shine for a great confidence boost and an amazing look at photos. Dermatologists recommend mild and natural ingredients and less of the synthetic ones. Beeswax, coconut, almond and Argan oils are just a few of the natural oils you can choose from. Your sensitive or dry skin can benefit from all natural and mild ingredients for a worry-free and elegant glow. Pacifica, Eminence, Kopari, Caudalie and Kora are just a few of the best natural body oils you'll find in the market. Always remember to consider which one works best for your skin type.

Body wash

Your beauty doesn't have to fade after that long day of enjoying outside. Continue to have that youthful and healthy skin even when you're at home. A great body wash that not only washes and cleans the skin, but also rejuvenates it by providing hydration and minerals will make it a great companion in the bathroom. Again, natural and skin-safe products are a must in order to have that skin glow and fullness that lasts until you sleep. You can always mix antibacterial and moisturizing properties as these are both important factors in your body wash. There's no need to compromise one over the other. You need to get the best of both worlds in order to confidently go for another round of summer fun in the coming days. Dial, Dove, Asutra, Purely Northwest and Everyone are just a few of the trusted brands that you pick the bath that works best for your skin.

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Spending longer times under the sun this summer can be quite tough on the skin and will put your beauty products to the test. For longer and more reliable effects, you need to choose beauty products that have waterproof and moisturizing properties. Makeup that stays on despite the sweat and splashes here and there can save you time from frequent retouch and maximize your time for fun and enjoyment. For beauty products that you apply to your skin, you also need to consider the ingredients and how they interact with the type of skin you have. Reviews and buyer's guide can help you with buying decisions, but the choice of getting the product that goes best for your skin ultimately lies with you. It's still best to have beauty products that have natural and skin friendly ingredients.

// Learn more at Our Good Living Formula, oglf.org.

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