10 Best Dishes Under $10 in the Lower Haight

10 Best Dishes Under $10 in the Lower Haight


Last fall, we published the 10 Best Lunches Under $10 in Union Square. It was so popular, we figured why not do every neighborhood? Rather than attack this subject as outsiders, we're approaching a hyperlocal dweller from each 'hood to give us their picks—starting with the Lower Haight.

No one knows this area better than Andrew Dudley, the editor of Haighteration— a blog about the news, events, personalities, and minutae of the neighborhood. From pizza to burgers, Dudley's picks show that he's a true man of the people.

San Franciscans are pretty, ahem, vocal about food, so sound off in the comments about what you'd add to this list.

1. The Maxi Burger Special at Memphis Minnie's
"Sure, the regular BBQ staples are great here, but on Fridays I opt for the Maxi Burger special - ground chuck, melty pimento cheese, and house cured/smoked bacon topped with crispy onions—unreal." 576 Haight St., 415-864-PORK

2. Half-Pound Burger and Fries at Nickies
"Nickies is one of the only bars in the Lower Haight that also serves food, and though they've seriously upgraded their menu recently, I still love their standard half-pound burger and fries—especially since the combo only costs $5 before 6pm." 466 Haight St., 415-255-0300

3. Chile Verde Chicken Tacos at Little Chihuahua
"It's hard to order wrong at Little Chihuahua, but I usually opt for the chile verde chicken tacos, with their reliably fresh and flavorful ingredients (including, importantly, the chicken), and a free helping of chips and salsa on the side, of course." 292 Divisadero @ Page, 415-255-8225

4. The French Toast Orgy at Kate's Kitchen
"I tend to like sweet breakfasts, but even I have trouble finishing Kate Kitchen's French Toast Orgy, a ginormous pile of baked French bread slabs topped with huge chunks of fresh fruit, yogurt, honey, and granola." 471 Haight St., 415-626-3984

5. Uva Enoteca's Happy Hour
"The best kept secret in town might be Uva's happy hour, where their thin and tasty salame and herb pizza and a small carafe of wine combined will only set you back $8." 568 Haight St., 415-829-2024www.uvaenoteca.com

6. Platter for Two at Axum Cafe
"I don't eat Ethiopian all that often, so when I do I like to split the Platter for Two—a sampler of all of Axum's vegetarian entries, with stews, spices, chickpeas, lentils, and the like, all for under $9 a person." 698 Haight St., (415) 252-7912,

7. Plantain Burrito at Cu Co's
"Whether you're vegetarian or not, get the plantain burrito—big and bursting with freshly caramelized plantains, beans, and all the usual burrito fixin's." 488 Haight St., 415-863-4906.

8. Fried Catfish at Two Jack's Niks Place
"I used to live in Louisiana, so I'm a sucker for a heaping plate of Two Jacks' fried (but, thankfully, not greasy) catfish with a side of fries and some tabasco sauce." 401 Haight St., 415-431-6290

9. Spinach Salad at The Grind
"The Grind has the best and possibly biggest salads in the neighborhood, and my favorite is the spinach, which is stuffed with so many good nuggets— roasted red peppers, bacon, feta, pine nuts, red onions, and tomatoes—that it falls just short of feeling unhealthy." 783 Haight St., 415-864-0955 

10. Mythic Pizza
Go for a slice of their titular Mythic Pizza—it may not be ground-breaking, but it's a solid, tasty late night booze-absorber, and big enough to fill you up with a single slice. 551 Haight St., 415-864-1999 

Keep up with all things Lower Haight on Haigheration.

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