10 Smart Cycling Gadgets for the Daily Commuter

10 Smart Cycling Gadgets for the Daily Commuter


Whether you're an everyday commuter or weekend road (or off-road) warrior, add these bells and whistles to your cycling must-haves. From GPS navigation handlebars to a smart inflatable helmet, these tech-savvy decides will make your ride easier, safer, and a tad more interesting.


Simple and straightforward, the Hammerhead attaches to your handlebars and providing turn-by-turn navigation, guided by a GPS app on your smartphone. // hammerhead.io

Connected Cycle Smart Bike Pedal

Featuring built-in GPS, the pedal tracks your bike's most recent parking space along with your ride's speed, route, incline, and calories (via the app). You also receive an alert each time the bike is moved, including the route, so if it's stolen, you can follow your thief in real-time. // connectedcycle.com

Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal

A push-button controller on your handlebars regulates an ultra-bright LED turn signal that mounts under your seat. The signal includes a hazard mode that emits a loud beeping when you make a turn, giving everyone around you fair warning of your presence. // amazon.com/Sharper-Image

Helios Bars

This device is multipurposing at its finest. Helios bars offer GPS tracking as well as built-in front- and rear-facing LED lights that change colors according to speed. The lights also function as turn signals and indicators for the turn-by-turn navigation feature. // ridehelios.com

The Atom

Make use of all that energy you're exerting by using it to charge your devices. The Atom by Siva Cycle converts your momentum to power your devices while you ride—iPhone, GoPro, Bluetooth speakers, you name it. The portable generator attaches to your axle, allowing you to connect your devices via a USB port. // sivaisenergy.com

Bike Spike

GPS and cellular tech secure your bike allowing you to track in real-time, set up safe zones and notifications, and alert you if someone is tampering with your bike. // bikespike.com

ICEdot Crash Sensor

As a helmet attachment, the sensor recognizes when you're in an accident and sends alerts to up to ten contacts. If you take a tumble, a countdown begins that will send your GPS coordinates to your listed emergency contacts unless you choose to disable it. //icedot.org/site/crash-sensor

Park Cyclone Chain Scrubber

Attach the scrubber to your chain, add some chain cleaner, and this little device leaves your chains sparkling clean—all you have to do is turn the pedals. // parktool.com/product/cyclone-chain-scru...


As interesting as it is functional, the Hövding is an inflatable helmet that you wear around you neck. Using sensors and algorithms to detect a crash, it immediately inflates to protect your head. Though you can purchase an external shell to match your outfit, the helmet itself is good for a single use. // hovding.com

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