11 Charts That Reveal the Truth About Work

11 Charts That Reveal the Truth About Work


It's lunchtime on a Wednesday, you've got shit to do, but there's an intense gravitational pull between your head and your desk—nap time!

Here's a handy chart to explain this and other workplace phenomenons, such as faking productivity, understanding the endangered voicemail, and all those incomprehensible office communications (🤓💩🍸). Good luck getting over the hump!

1. Looking productive is actually very easy

2. It's important to make mistakes even when you aren't

3. Sometimes you're CC'ed on an email and you don't know why

4. The same thing happens with voicemails

5. Here's how to become a keynote speaker

6. People like to communicate in lots of different ways at work

7. Focusing takes effort

8. Not napping also takes effort

9. Meeting achievement stickers are the only way to get people to attend meetings

10. Once you're in the room, you have to own it

11. And if it feels like you're overthinking everything…

This article originally appeared on The Cooper Review.

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