11 Gifts for the SF Enthusiast with a Jetsetter Heart


Need gift ideas for your friend who always seems to be out of town? Every frequent traveler will love these 11 locally sourced gifts to remind them of home while they’re out on the road.

1. Voyager Bag, Basil Racuk, $1,848

In either brown or black, this sleek bag will always have you looking polished, no matter how bad your jetlag is. 

2. The Autographer, Photojojo, $399

Who has time to fiddle with a bulky camera when you're experiencing the world. Let the Autographer take all your pictures for you. 

3Bike to the Beach Bag, Alite, $135.00

For the traveller who prefers to find adventure on two wheels, this bag will carry everything you need for an awesome day trip.

4. San Francisco Map Scarf, The Bold Italic Shop, $120

No matter where your travels take you, always have home in your luggage with the San Francisco Map Scarf – an accurate and colorful depiction of our lovely city to keep you warm when you’re homesick.

5. Let's Get High Luggage Tag, Flight 001, $7

State laws don't apply when you're high at 37,000 feet. Quickly identify your bag among the masses on the ground.

6. Aviator Wheeled Backpack, Timbuk 2,  $259

It’s the best of both worlds with this lightweight backpack / rolling luggage from Timbuk2.

7. How to Swear Around the World, Chronicle Books, $12.95

This essential phrasebook collects the most colorful, explicit, and outrageous ways to tell people off in every part of the world.

8. Camping Dopp Kit, Huckberry, $99.98

Not just for the outdoors, this lightweight shave kit packs just the essentials so you look good on the road. Plus, it’s guaranteed to stand on even the narrowest hotel sink.

9. Roll Up Travel Charger, Restoration Hardware, $49

Don’t be that jerk that takes up the whole outlet. This stylish charger on-the-go minimizes clutter and maximizes style.

10. Sightglass + Unionmade Coffee Kit, $150

Why drink sad hotel coffee with you can have a glorious cup of Sightglass anywhere in the world.

11. The Captain's Log, 826 Valencia, $30 

Record all of your adventures in this beautifully bound, limited edition Captain's journal.  

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