15 Wedding Decoration Ideas

15 Wedding Decoration Ideas


Whether you're decorating your reception venue or the entire wedding day, these stylish ideas promise to get you inspired.

Your wedding reception decorations will depend on the style of your venue, your wedding's theme, and your budget.

If you are on a tight budget, try minimalism—a way to add simplistic beauty to your wedding venue. Whatever your choices, we have collected a number of wedding decoration ideas to help inspire you. If you have spent some time wondering how to decorate for a wedding, then these might be helpful.

Blossom trees

One of the great decorating ideas for wedding halls or any location with high ceilings and lots of space are blossom trees. These tall beauties add a romantic touch to your venue and draw the eyes of your guests upwards, giving a fairy tale feel to your event.

Fairytale chandeliers

Another addition to your fairy tale type love, chandeliers filled with minuscule, flickering fairy lights. This would be great for a bohemian or rustic themed wedding. Add a memorable and unforgettable feel to your wedding. It would make for great pictures too.

Rustic stacked crates

From our list of affordable wedding reception decoration ideas is stacked crates. A great way to personalize your wedding space, this selection of mismatched boxes can be filled with flowers, letters or even used as signs for your wedding reception.

Oversized letters

Have your wedding room decorated with over-sized letters. These could be the first letters of the names of the bride and groom, or they could spell "love". These letters would work well for a rustic venue, defining certain areas, and certainly look great on a dance floor.

Flower walls

As for wedding venue decoration ideas that may never go out of style, consider the flower wall. These densely packed flowers could be made up of your favorite type of flower. Flower walls have been proven to make the perfect backdrop for any type of wedding.

Chiavari chairs

For wedding reception decorations, chiavari chairs are great for a whimsical rustic wedding theme. With options of lime wash, white painted and natural wood finishes, it would be easy to find the type to fit in with your overall wedding theme and decorate as desired.

Table runners

Table runners can add a touch of color, sparkle or class to your wedding reception venue, depending on the type you use. For a classic wedding you could consider sequins, silk or hessian. But for a more unconventional affair, table runners could be fashioned out of greenery or even flower blossoms.

Spilling blooms

Display your blooms in a style where they spill everywhere. Whether stone urns, tables or even chairs. This would be great even for wedding reception tables ideas.

Gold color schemes

For a glamorous look opt for gold color schemes. This could be as simple as getting gold-rimmed glassware, plates, chargers and other elements of your reception tables.

Fairy lights

You can drape twinkling fairy lights from rafters above or around the beams of your venue. Enjoy their soft romantic glow and the effect they will add to photos of your first dance.

Photo displays

Photo displays are some of the best wedding decorations that can be used at various types of wedding receptions. Turn the panels of old room dividers into photo displays. Personalize your venue with pictures that tell a story from the time that you met until your wedding day.


Flowers cannot be exempt from your wedding décor. From tall floral arrangements that create a wider room effect, to centerpieces and wedding walls decorations.

Decorative ladders

A great idea for a bohemian, country or rustic wedding theme. Ladders can be used as a display for your bridesmaids' posies, or even to transform your seating plan.

Speak with signs

Signposts can offer direction and still add to the overall look of your venue. Pretty tall signposts that guide your guests throughout the reception. Attractive, but also informative. They can be used outdoors, but also indoors too.

Feature furniture

Choose a focal point for your wedding reception décor with feature furniture. Be it a table, chair, ladder or even an old dresser. You can make this one element stand out and wow guests by piling it with flowers until they overflow.

Whatever type of wedding decoration ideas you choose, be sure to check the restrictions of your chosen venue and make the most of your wedding venue.

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