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17 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in the Bay Area


Need some fresh air?

Earth Day is April 22nd, so it's the perfect time to pay our respects to Mother Nature. This could be as simple as spending time in our gorgeous parks, admiring the sea life in Bay Area tide pools, or ditching your car for an electric bike. Or, check out a special Earth Day event nearby.

Look but don't touch at the Bay Area's many lovely tide pools.

We're living in a pivotal moment in global society—culturally, politically and, of course, environmentally. (I mean, some whippersnappers still think the earth is flat.) And although we're not likely to solve the pressing issues of today via the sharing of a profound meme or cinematic Snapchat story, each of us has the potential to impact the world around us for the better.

So come Sunday the 22nd, let's do what we should be doing all yearlong: celebrate and nurture good ole Mother Earth. Here are 18 ways to invigorate your eco-savvy self in honor of Earth Day 2018.

  1. Take a stroll through one of San Francisco's 153 public parks—and pick up some trash while you're there.
  2. Forage nature's bounty around the Bay Area.
  3. FInd Nemo and friends in area tide pools—but don't touch.
  4. Rally for climate change. // 11am to 7pm at Civic Center.
  5. Take a hike and then toast to the planet.
  6. Help clean up our shorelines. // 10am to 1pm at EcoCenter at Heron's Head Park (India Basin).
  7. Make Oakland clean and green. // Register for events at
  8. Plan to BYO water bottle to this season's festivals.
  9. Go vegan for the day at these Bay Area restaurants.
  10. Learn about the most comprehensive plan to reverse global warming. // 6pm at Commonwealth Club; join the waitlist.
  11. Write to the EPA about ominous rising sea levels in the Bay Area.
  12. Appreciate our resident and migratory whales and dolphins.
  13. See the Lyrid Meteor shower from one of the Bay Area's best spots for stargazing.
  14. Sleep under the stars by a beautiful California lake.
  15. Learn about California's marine mammals, and what you can do to help them. // Marine Mammal Center (Marin Headlands)
  16. Green your home or office.
  17. Ride an e-bike and leave your car at home.


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