2010 Color Predictions: Make Way for Mauve


Around springtime, world-renowned color provider Pantone unveils its color trend predictions for the coming year. 2010's forecast included palettes inspired by broad and varied subjects like "Africa", "farmers' markets", and "the night sky". Surprisingly though, one color seemed to permeate each group: Shades of purple, and in particular mauve, were everywhere.

So what does that mean for 2010? Expect to see more big box stores incorporating the hue in their upcoming collections. For example, West Elm has already added a few mauve-toned pieces to their bedding and room decor departments (shown at left).

Want to give give it a whirl in your own home? Avoid going all Prince and swathing the place in purple. Instead, try it as an accent color in pillows and throws, or go for more of an impact with a room painted in the shade (We recommend Pratt and Lambert's Grape Hyacinth).

If it all sounds a little too 80's redux, remember: It's all in how you group the color. Rather than a palette of dusty roses and mauves, pair the latter with a bright citron or warm natural shade. The result will feel fresh and relaxing, not old and dated.

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