2010 Restaurant Readers' Choice Awards! Vote Now


We know you have an opinion. We know you care. Starting today, there are only seven more days to vote for your favorite restaurants in town. This is your chance to really make your voice heard. Get into the competitive spirit! We need you to: Rep! Pre! Sent! (Ok, that's as much cheerleader enthusiasm as my jaded editor self can muster.)

Taking a look back at 2009's winners, I was honestly shocked to see how much things have changed: Sadly, both Conduit (Best Newcomer 2009), Bacar (Best Wine List) and Best-o-Burger (Best Burger) have closed. Citizen Cake (Best Desserts) hasn't closed, but it's downsizing with its move to the new Fillmore Street space.

Osha (Best Thai) has taken over the former Bong Su's space with its seventh restaurant, but even Osha certainly has some new  competition with all the new Thai restaurants in town, from Ozone (which is in the former Jack Falstaff space) to Another Monkey (which is in the former Conduit space). The Best Pizza (Little Star) of last year certainly is to be going against the likes of Flour + Water and Gialina (which now has Tyra "Smile with your Eyes" Banks to call a customer—upping their caché even more). Great cocktails aren't exactly hard to come by in this new decade. Beretta (Best Cocktails) was last year's darling but will Comstock will be in the running? Nopa, although likely to swing the "Best Late-Night Dining" vote yet again, certainly isn't the only restaurant to stay open late now. (Here's a comprehensive list I made of late-night dining establishments.)

Every year it seems, Boulevard wins for Best Classic; Slanted Door for Best Vietnamese; Gary Danko for Best Service.

So please: Shake it up a bit. 2010 isn't just a new year, it's a new landscape.



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