25 Super Cheap Flights Departing SFO in the Next Three Months
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25 Super Cheap Flights Departing SFO in the Next Three Months


The chilly months following winter are notorious for sparking our flight instinct, and while summer often incites our wanderlust, travel in the warmest months can get expensive.

That makes February through April ideal months for budget travelers to plan their escape, whether it's a quick domestic jaunt ($57 to Vegas, baby) or a journey to a far-flung locale (like Paris for less than $400). Take advantage of the best off-season rates on flights out of SFO before prices climb back up in May.

Cheap Domestic Flights out of SFO

Las Vegas for $57 (Depart February 23rd via Frontier Airlines, return February 27th)

Portland for $107 (Depart February 25th via Alaska Airlines, return March 1st)

Austin for $124 (Depart April 16th via American Airlines, return April 20th)

Seattle for $125 (Depart March 1st via Delta or Alaska Airlines, return March 6th)

Dallas for $157 (Depart March 9th via American Airlines, return March 12th)

Chicago for $197 (Depart March 9th via American Airlines, return March 12th, 13th, or 14th)

Nashville for $197 (Depart March 9th via Frontier or United Airlines, return March 12th or 13th)

New York City for $197 (Depart March 21st via Frontier, return March 24th, 25th, or 26th)

Washington D.C. for $204 (Depart February 6th via Frontier Airlines, return April 12th)

Boston for $217 (Depart March 26th via Jetblue or Delta Airlines, return March 30th)

Miami for $247 (Depart March 11th via American Airlines, return March 14th or 15th)

New Orleans for $256 (Depart March 9th via United, Alaska, or Delta Airlines, return March 12th or 13th)

Honolulu for $357 (Depart March 7th via Hawaiian Airlines, return March 12th)

Pro tip: If you come across deals or discounts that sound almost too good to be true, they probably are. Budget airlines such as Spirit usually offer the cheapest face-value tickets available, but at a cost—you can end-up paying as much as a $100 per carry-on, each way. Triple-check the fine print—seating assignments, carry-on policies, pricing, etc.—before finalizing your booking.

Cheap International Flights out of SFO

Vancouver for $234 (Depart March 19th via Alaska Airlines, return May 25th)

Mexico City for $334(Depart March 19th via InterJet Airlines, return March 25th)

Paris for $389 (Depart April 2nd via American Airlines, return April 9th or 10th)

Cancun for $399 (Depart April 9th via Jet Blue Airlines, return April 16th)

Madrid for $408 (Depart April 29th via Norwegian Air International Airlines, return May 3rd)

Beijing for $419 (Depart April 16th 4th via China Southern, return April 20th)

Istanbul for $649 (Depart March 18th via KLM and Pegasus Airlines, return March 25th, 26th, or 27th)

Sydney for $693 (Depart March 30th via Fiji Airlines, return April 3rd of 4th)

Rio de Janeiro for $807 (Depart March 30th via Air Canada and Azul, return April 2nd)

Tokyo for $853 (Depart April 18th via China Southern Airlines, return April 22nd)

Bali for $898(Depart April 25th via Turkish Airlines, return April 29th)

Cairo for $900(Depart April 17th via Turkish Airlines, Jet Blue, return April 23rd or 24th)

Pro tip: To save when traveling internationally, regardless of the season, try to book red-eye flights leaving between Monday and Wednesday. Generally speaking, mid-week, late-night departures will yield the most affordable ticket prices. Plus, you can fall straight to sleep in one country, and wake up in another.

*Prices accurate at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

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