25 Super Cheap Flights Departing SFO in the Next Three Months


The weeks leading up to summer are notorious for inciting deep wanderlust among us—you know that feeling of feverishly packing a weekend duffel and making a beeline for SFO, where your wildly expensive flight awaits to take you to a stretch of white sand beach somewhere so you might forget about it all.

Looking to fly to New York City or even Beijing for under $500? Take advantage of the seasonal pre-summer drop in airfare, just before rates climb back up in late-May.

Look out for these cheap, roundtrip domestic flights leaving SFO:

Las Vegas for $88 (Depart April 4th via Virgin Airlines, return April 10th or 11th)

Portland for $207 (Depart April 11th via Alaska or Virgin Airlines, return April 17th)

Seattle for $117 (Depart April 11th via Delta, Alaska, or Virgin Airlines, return April 17th)

Chicago for $205 (Depart April 21st via United Airlines, return 24th, 25th, or 28th)

Dallas for $141 (Depart April 21st via American Airlines, return April 24th)

Austin for $178 (Depart April 4th via Frontier Airlines, return April 10th)

Washington D.C. for $260 (Depart April 11th via Frontier Airlines, return April 17th or 18th)

Miami for $204 (Depart April 11th via Frontier Airlines, return April 17th)

Nashville for $208 (Depart May 9th via Frontier Airlines, return May 15th)

New York City for $178 (Depart May 2nd via Frontier, return May 15th)

Boston for $246 (Depart May 5th via Sun Country Airlines, return May 7th-12th)

New Orleans for $327 (Depart June 5th via United or Alaska, return June 9th or13th)

Honolulu for $397 (Depart May 2nd via Hawaiian Airlines, return May 7th, 8th, 9th, or 10th)

Pro Tip: If you come across deals or discounts that sound almost too good to be true, they probably are. Budget airlines such as Spirit usually offer the cheapest face-value tickets available, but at a cost. (You can end-up paying as much as a $100 per carry-on, each way.) Triple-check the fine print—seating assignments, carry on policies, pricing, etc.—before finalizing your booking.

*Prices accurate at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

Bargain-basement international flights leaving SFO:

Vancouver for $221 (Depart May 2nd via WestJet / Delta, Return May 7th)

Mexico City for $314 (Depart May 4th via Alaska, United Aeromexico, return May 5th-25th)

Paris for $348 (Depart May 6th via Wow Airlines, return May 14th-17th)

Beijing for $485 (Depart May 4th via Air China, return May 10th-18th)

Belize for $312 (Depart June 7th via American Airlines, return May 11th-14th)

Tokyo for $750 (Depart June 27th via United Airlines, return July 2nd)

Istanbul for $829 (Depart April 5th via Air Canada, Turkish Airlines, return April 11th or 16th)

Cairo for $891 (Depart April 17th via Turkish Airlines, Jet Blue, return April 23rd or 24th)

Bali for $953 (Depart May 7th via Singapore Airlines, Silkair return May 14th-16th, 21st-23rd, or 28th-30th)

Sydney for $818 (Depart May 10th via China Southern, return May 15th-18th, 20th-25th, or 31st)

Rio De Janeiro for $767 (Depart May 8th via Avianca Airlines, return May 15th-25th, 28th-31st)

Madrid for $495 (Depart May 2nd via Iberia, American, British Airways, return May 9th, 16th, 23rd, or 30th)

Pro Tip: To save when traveling internationally, regardless of the season, try to book red-eye flights leaving between Monday and Wednesday. Generally speaking, mid-week, late-night departures will yield the most affordable ticket prices. (Plus, you can fall straight to sleep in one country, and literally wake up eight hours later in another.)

*Prices accurate at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

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