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3 Fabulous Waterfall Hikes on Mt. Tamalpais


Two of our favorite things: Mount Tam and waterfalls! If ever there's a season to go on a waterfall hike, it's right now. Here are three amazing excursions on the North Bay's favorite mountain, where water is all the rage.

Cataract Falls

Mount Tam's Cataract Falls is the bobsled course of waterfalls: over a mile of twisting, turning, tumbling water—gushing, rushing, and making a splash! The real joy is hiking right beside Cataract Creek as it's chugging on all cylinders, where the exclamations are 20- and 30-foot falls. Read More.

(Courtesy of Weekend Sherpa)

Carson Falls

Carson Falls is ready for primetime. This three-tiered, 100-foot stunner is hidden back in a canyon outside of Fairfax and reached on a 3.25-mile (round-trip) hike. The start of the hike is on a wide-open dirt fire road that offers up southern views of Mount Tam's East Peak and the rolling Marin foothills. Read More.

Cascade Falls

Mount Tam's Cascade Falls is a bit under the radar, tucked back off a residential area in Mill Valley. Some people drive up to the tiny parking lot nearest to the falls. For a more scenic and leisurely way, do an easy 3-mile (round-trip) hike right from downtown Mill Valley, weaving through quiet streets and secret trails. Read More.

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