30-Day Sex Challenge


They say it takes 30 days to form a habit.

I’ve tried this with flossing, putting my keys in the same place at night and returning phone calls before people hate me. Personally, I’ve had a mixed success rate but since sex is such a pitfall in relationships, I don’t mind the much publicized 30-Day Sex Challenge  proposed by a pastor in Florida.

Premise: married couples have sex for 30 days straight.

Reason: married couples need to make this habit of intimate connection when they’ve lost it.

Can’t hurt. The main complaint I get from married/long term couples is about sex or lack thereof and always the question, “Will we ever get “it” back?” One married friend even told me she’s HAD enough great sex in her life and and she’s over it” (which I don’t believe for a second).

Couples just move so far away from each other that they can’t even imagine having sex. They forget they like it. Initiating seems like way too much trouble.

Reminds me of the gym loop. You’ve stopped going to the gym after a 5 days a week habit because ever since the new boss/vacation/flu and you can’t get back there.

When you finally do, you remember how good you feel, you actually look forward to that feeling and you’re back at it.

Just like sex. You convince yourself that you don’t need it, didn’t like it or will get around to it this weekend. 

I say, even if you can’t make the 30 days, talk about this challenge tonight. Laugh about it together if you want but come up with a ‘challenge’ that works, do one sex thing a day: make out again, massage each other, watch porn.

No downside here except you may just recall why you liked sex in the first place.

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