32 Chairs, 3 Pizzas, 1 Man: 8 Days to Una Pizza


Who would have thought that SoMa—particularly 11th Street, amongst the Kim Kardashian wannabes lining up to get into Mist—would become destination for the most puritanical food and drink experiences in SF?

Well, it is: First, Bar Agricole touched down next to Slim's last month and now Una Pizza Napoletana (210 11th St. @ Howard, 415-861-3444) is set to actually open its doors on September 15. If Bar Agricole has lured the pilgrims with its heady mix of serious cocktails and Gold LEED certified design, then Una Pizza is aimed at the pizza obsessed on a margherita vision quest. (Christ—I mean, the dough—has risen!) All of the blogs are going Una Pizza loco and I expect to see more reporting on the up-to-minute countdown.

For now, here's all you need to know:

1. To see a reverential video of the pizza in the making, complete with Tommy Guererro music, check out Una Pizza's website.

2. The dough is made with a starter. I repeat, it is not made with yeast.

3. There are only four pizzas on the menu. Not even a salad. Stop reading now if you like pineapple as a topping.

4. Important digits: 32 seats, 3 pizzas at a time, 2000 square feet, 20-foot ceilings, 15 (age Mangieri was when he started making pizza), too many tattoos to count, infinite (number of guaranteed Chowhound threads)

4 1/2. Inside scoop: Mangieri has "Hope" tattooed on one hand's fingers and "Fede" (or Faith) on the other. Good things to have when you're opening a restaurant in this critical town.

5. Yes, there will be wine. If you're in a church it might as well be Catholic.

6. 5 pm=time the doors open until the pizza dough runs out.

To read more about U.P.N., go to Eater, Grub Street and Inside Scoop.

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