5 Charming Cabins in the High Sierras for Winter Wonderland Glamping
The Little Arnold A-Frame cabin. (Courtesy of Andria Lo via Hipcamp)

5 Charming Cabins in the High Sierras for Winter Wonderland Glamping


There's likely no better way to enjoy a beautiful, snow-blanketed winter's day than from a cozy cabin in the High Sierras.

This time of year casts a certain white, effervescent spell over the mountains just to our west—the Sierras. But, regardless of how enchanting and awe-inspiring the snow-coverage may be, it births far from perfect camping conditions for the thermally-impaired among us. So, what's a nature-lover to do during such times? Find a well-insulated, warm cabin.

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The Baltimore Mine Cabin

Beautiful, rustic wood touches permeate the warm space. (Courtesy of Seteven Chan via Hipcamp)

While it may look a tad unassuming from afar, once you unlock the expansive redwood door, you quickly realize that the Baltimore Mine Cabin is far from bland; it's, in fact, an incredibly unique and enticing retreat. Capable of sleeping upwards of four adults, guests will be delighted to find almost all-wood amenities splayed through the small interior space. From the wooden headboard to naturally finished wall treatments, this quaint cabin has running water, electricity, and real toilets, to boot. Best of all, your fur baby is welcome to share this rustic space with you. So, go ahead, explore the beauty of the Foresthill Divide forest, hiking the litany of well-manicured trails, and, afterwards, retreat to the warm, cozy confines of your mountainside cabin to rest after a day well spent. // From $200/night for upwards of four guests, hipcamp.com.

The Guest Cabin at Wondernut Farm

Talk about waking-up to a view.(Courtesy of Nic Castellanos via Hipcamp)

Overlooking the property owners' 110-year-old barn and garden, the guest cabin at Wondernut Farm is, perhaps, the perfect minimalist retreat for those seeking a bit of respite from our electronic devices. Glampers who choose to spend an evening or more underneath the tin steel roofed cabin can expect a cacophony of chorused musings to help wake them up everyday. From the laughings of playful pigs to the calls of the resident sheep on the property, Guest Cabin is as much a calming destination as it is a petting zoo. The cabin sits just a short walk from the property's composting toilet, and even closer strut to the easy-going, shared outdoor summer living space, where you're encouraged to co-mingle with other campers. Capable of comfortably sleeping two atop its queen sized bed, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better couple's retreat in or around the Sierras for a little R&R.; // From $110/night for upwards of two guests, hipcamp.com.

Earth Castles Retreats

A great place to reconnect with your meditation practice. Or start one.(Courtesy of Brian Chorski via Hipcamp)

Epitomizing what it, truly, means to the one with nature, Earth Castle Retreat's enchanting yurt sits perched atop a small clear patch of forest, boarded by a swath of towering, omnipresent redwoods. Equipped with a cozy king size bed, the space is quite minimalist in nature, encouraging those who populate it to explore what lurks just beyond the yurt's welcome mat. (Hint: uninterrupted wilderness surrounding the yurt is a bastion for hiking, mountain biking, and even fishing and kayaking at nearby Yuba River). There is a camp kitchen just outside the yurt with running water available at the well house a few feet away. Fresh bottled water, cookware, utensils and a single burner stove are provided—so be sure to pack light. // From $75 for two adults, be mindful that fires are not allowed on-site at this location, hipcamp.com

Vintage Shepherd's Wagon Cabin

Rustic, country vibes for days. (Courtesy of Jay Kijai via Hipcamp)

Rise-and shine with the roosters cooing as the sun breaks over the horizon at Vintage Shepherd's Wagon Cabin. The space—complete with a fenced yard, picnic table, and a fire pit situated in a peaceful walnut orchard—is just steps from a warm-running outdoor shower, a welcomed camping treat especially during this time of the year. Portable water, electricity, and even a TV all are nestled within the small cabin. While there is no kitchen, guests are encouraged to use the camp stove or BBQ at the community party pavilion. Clean linens, silverware, camp stove, cook pots and dish soap are all provided in the wagon. // From $60/night for upwards of two adults, hipcamp.com.

Little Arnold A-Frame Cabin

Glamping couldn't get any more chic. (Courtesy of Andria Lo via Hipcamp)

We're not ones to speak in literal superlatives—but Little Arnold A-Frame Cabin might just be the most accessible, relaxing, serotonin-producing cabin retreat anywhere east of the Bay Bridge. The cabin can comfortably fit upwards of four adults, courtesy of its single walled-in bedroom, enchanting loft space, and included 1.5 (indoor) bathrooms. The downstairs has a new queen bed, and the loft has a double fold-out mattress and its own half bathroom. Heated by a gas fireplace—that looks like a wood stove—and electric wall heaters, you can gaze out over the seemingly endless forest in front of the floor-to-ceiling front window, cupping a brewed chai tea. It still, however, is recommend to bring layers and slippers in the winter to help tide you over while the cabin warms to your desired temperature. Cell reception is spotty at best throughout the Sierras (except for Verizon), but Little Arnold A-Frame Cabin maintains a strong WiFi signal within its square footage. // From $150/night for upwards of four guests, hipcamp.com.

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