5 Frozen Cocktails to Beat the Indian Summer Heat


Save yourself some sweat with these delish drinks.

The Royal Red

This strawberry ice cream and Flemish red ale milkshake is greater than the sum of its parts: rich strawberry ice cream offsets the malty and tart beer, while a dose of sherry adds depth. Created by Juliet Pries at the Ice Cream Bar & Soda Fountain.

The Outlaw

Best enjoyed on a sunny afternoon in Washington Square Park, this cocktail elevates the Italian ice concept with ginger- and celery-infused Hendrick’s gin mixed with frozen prosecco and cooling cucumber water. Created by Elmer Mejicanos 
at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana.


Improving on the convenience-store classic, this tall refresher uses a crushed ice base 
for cherry vodka, apple juice, lime, and 
sweet orgeat syrup. It’s so much like the original, you may crave a stick of jerky. Created by Gina Butler at Blackbird.

Manhattan Shake

The bar meets soda fountain with a boozy concoction that combines bourbon, sweet vermouth, and cherry syrup with vanilla ice cream. The spiciness of the vermouth will be appreciated when those sunny days turn into foggy nights. Created by Hans Hinrichs at the Corner Store.

St. George Single Malt 
Whiskey Bar Gelato

At Gelateria Naia, St. George’s locally 
made malt whiskey gets a dose of dairy and caramel in a bar of gelato that is best enjoyed at the shop—but they are also available 
at Bay Area Whole Foods. Created by Trevor Morris.

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