5 Ways to Ease Your Commute Stress this Holiday Season

5 Ways to Ease Your Commute Stress this Holiday Season


The holidays are already stressful enough, but your commute doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s an app, some calming scents, or the melodies of Chopin, we’ve got the secret to starting your day off right.

1. Download the new SF Muni app. 

Launched last month, the brand new app allows you to conveniently and securely buy your Muni ticket and pay your fare all within your mobile phone. No more panic attacks when you forget change, or leave your Clipper card in your other pants. The app, available on the App Store and Google Play, is built by GlobeSherpa on top of PayPal’s Braintree platform and offers PayPal as a payment option.

2. Aromatherapy on the road.

According to a recent study, lavender scents are great for relaxing and have a noticeable de-stressing effect, whether you're sitting on the couch or packed onto BART. If you'd like a more seasonal scent, peppermint can keep you alert and sharp all day, whether that means not missing your stop on the bus or your exit on the road. 

3. Get holiday shopping done.

The number of days left before Christmas are slowly dwindling, which means you're probably stressing over holiday presents. Use your commute to find the perfect gift. Browsing for gifts has never been more accessible, and paying via PayPal One Touch™ can make checkout more convenient than ever, eliminating the need for you to type in usernames and passwords. You can be relieved knowing about PayPal’s purchase protection, which allows you to pay after delivery and return shipping for free. Check out details at the Holiday Hub.  

4. Try this mind hack.

We're all guilty of this: we expect something, and get disappointed when things don’t go our way. For example, you leave the house early to avoid traffic and set yourself up for frustration if there are still a lot of cars on the road. To stay calm during commute hours, try finding alternative routes to work to see if you can get there faster. That way, if it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll avoid the anxiety that convinces you that taking another route would’ve been better.

5. Listen to something classical.

If all else fails, turn to tried-and-true classical music or even a podcast or audiobook. Researchers from the University of Utah have found that music distracts you from apprehension. Perhaps Beethoven or Chopin can be your antidote. Either way, entertainment is sure to ease your commute stress.  

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