6 Party Campsites in Northern California

6 Party Campsites in Northern California


Charcoal? Check. Lawn chairs? Check. Speakers, party playlist, and cooler with ice-cold beverages? Check, check, and check. Now all that’s left to do is throw in some s’more supplies and mentally prepare to get weird in the woods.

1. Juanita Lake Group Campground

Hiking, canoeing, fishing, birding, and more – this site's loaded with activities. It’s also ADA accessible and is nicely secluded, a short walk from the lake.

Book Here: Juanita Lake Group Campground in Klamath National Forest
Site Capacity: 50 people
Amenities: Picnic table, BBQ grills, vaulted toilets, water, parking
Why You Should Camp Here: With excellent angling sites, fish cleaning stations and BBQ grills, it’s time for a good old fashioned fish fry! Might as well bump some music, play some lawn games and go out for a float in the lake while you’re waiting.

2. Sky Meadow Group Camp

With two group sites within proximity, both can be rented out together for extra large groups. The campground is hike-in but parking is nearby.   

Book Here: Sky Meadow Group Camp in Big Basin Redwoods State Park 
Site Capacity: 40 people
Amenities: Water, pit toilet
Why You Should Camp Here: Massive redwood trees means LOTS of privacy. And they also make for excellent acoustics, bouncing sound waves back in forth, you’ll feel like you’re in an orchestra symphony hall.

3. Crags Group Campground

At just over 7,000 feet, the grounds have a breathtaking vantage of the Sawtooth Crags. The site is surrounded by Jeffrey pines, sagebrush and in the summer boasts beautiful wildflowers.

Book Here: Crags Group Campground in Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest
Site Capacity: 45 people
Amenities: Picnic: Picnic table, BBQ grill, toilets, water, parking
Why You Should Camp Here: Don’t forget the wine, cheese and paté, because this is a picnicker’s paradise. Beneath the shade of larger conifers, you’ll bask in an abundance of beauty and be free to get as goofy and giggly as your heart desires.

4. Masterson Group Campground

Located one mile from Lake Plaskett, this site is ideal for a summer retreat, offering canoeing, kayaking, and good fishing. Bountiful in birds and wildlife, this is also a wonderful is a wonderful spot for sights and photography.

Book Here: Masterson Group Campground in Mendocino National Forest
Site Capacity: 75 people
Amenities: Picnic table, vaulted toilet, water, parking
Why You Should Camp Here: Only accessible with a combination lock and only one mile away from Plaskett Lake… let’s be honest, this site was basically made for skinny dipping.

5. Alice Eastwood Group Camp

Two sites (25 and 50) which can be rented together. Located relatively close to the Bay Area, this is an ideal getaway from the hectic energy of the city.

Book Here: Alice Eastwood Group Camp in Mount Tamalpais State Park
Site Capacity: 50 people
Amenities: Picnic table, BBQ grill, water, toilet, parking
Why You Should Camp Here: The panoramic views and the fact that it’s so damn close to the city.

6. Juniper Lake Group Campground

There are two sites located on the lake which are great for fishing and swimming. Lots of hiking in the surrounding area, particularly popular is the nearby Mount Harkness.

Book Here: Juniper Lake Group Campground in Lassen Volcanic National Park
Site Capacity: 15 people
Amenities: Picnic table, BBQ grill, pit toilet, parking
Why You Should Camp Here: Right next to a moonlit lake under a sea of stars… hmm, did somebody just say twilight canoeing?

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