650 Eats: Pizzeria Delfina & Bangalore Old Fashioneds


New eats are here now for the 650, with some opportunities for prime slices with outdoor seating from a popular San Francisco restaurant couple, hey! In San Mateo, the Mortar & Pestle is getting a work out and a namesake drink.

The ovens are crankin’ and the wait for pizza appears to be over for Burlingame dwellers, blessed with the first Pizzeria Delfina outside of San Francisco, as covered online here last year. As is the case at the two enormously popular Pizzeria Delfina locations in San Francisco, Craig and Annie Stoll and crew are slinging delectable pizza—our vote is firmly for the clam pizza, but we would never object to that dish of spaghetti with broccoli rabe and pesto and meaty sausage if you twist our arm oh so delicately. This Burlingame space had creative input from the Envelope A+D firm and features many of the same design elements from the original outposts. Note: there is outdoor seating here—which should be pretty much perfect for this week’s warmer temps. There is also an upstairs area for those who seek a little seclusion with their salumi, salad, slices and homemade gelato. 1444 Burlingame Ave., Burlingame. (650) 288-1041.

Brews and news: In San Mateo, Mortar & Pestle Bar is now open in the back of the original Indian street food Curry Up Now brick and mortar restaurant on Main Street. There are small bites, and wetting ones whistle happily happens via craft cocktails, microbrews and California wines. Think drinks like the intriguing Bangalore Old Fashion, which is made with Amrut Old Port rum, Plantation Overproof, house made garam masala syrup and bitters. The owners are Akash and Rana Kapoor, who are rightly proud of the bar’s namesake cocktail, appropriately served in a mortar that is made with vintage bourbon and Demerara sugar and finished with lemongrass, rose syrup, mint and kaffir lime leaves (we like to drink our herbs when we can, how 'bout you?). Tonics are made in house and the selection of beers is by the well regarded blogger David Jensen, of Beer47. There’s no slouching in the wine list department, put together by sommelier John Hoang, who manages the bar. For eats, look for samosas with beef, curried veggies and pork belly; crispy flat tacos and a zesty chili con queso, one of our favorite things to nosh with or without drinks. A BBQ platter has a cute name: Tikka Tikka hummus and arrives with juicy chicken thigh meat, Indian inspired hummus and crispy naan bits. The full Curry Up Now restaurant menu can also be ordered at the bar--an easy feat for those familiar with the swarm of Curry Up Now mobile truck operations. Sports fans, heed that call: games are on three large-screen TVs from soccer, to rugby, cricket and field hockey, as well as NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB games. Or you can take over the singing scene via the multi-lingual karaoke bar for those so inclined. 129 South B St., San Mateo. (650) 830-5310.

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