California's Got Talent: 7x7 is hiring freelance writers!


2020 has begun with a bit of a fire drill for those working in publishing.

Now in effect, the AB5 bill that aims to turn California's gig workers into employees is forcing many newspaper and magazine editors—who are accustomed to relying on freelance writers to fill their pages and blogs—to hit the brakes and reluctantly toss their independent contractors out of the car. (Why? Because most publishers can't afford the 30 percent rate hike to convert their freelancers to staffers. Why? Because publishing is hard, ICYMI.)

Now, countless California writers—who are accustomed to following their bliss by penning their darlings anywhere from bed to the beach—are basically running around the car and hoping that proposed amendments to AB5 will let them back in the door before the light turns green and their meal ticket speeds away.

For nearly two decades, 7x7 has relied on a mashup of voices to bring our readers an authentic look at Bay Area life. As 7x7's editor, it's my job to chart our course and steer our rig, but we can't keep this car on the road without the plugged-in, on-the-ground, creative talent of California's freelance writers who supply the twists and turns to keep the journey interesting. Our doors are open as ever to fresh talent with relevant stories to pitch.

If you're a local writer, perhaps you're well acquainted with 7x7 already. If you're new to town or a rookie in the local writing pool, here's some background:

7x7 was founded as a monthly print magazine in 2001, focused on all things lifestyle in the Bay Area—that's food, drink, arts, culture, style, design, events, people, wellness, and the outdoors—with the occasional bits of tech, sports, and news thrown in. In 2014, we shifted gears to become an all-digital publication, at which time we began to rely on our freelance writers more than ever.

Today, we reach nearly a half-million readers each month and have a vibrant community of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Event roundups, restaurant openings, West Coast getaways, and outdoor adventures are among our most popular offering.

If you're a writer with a fresh take and sharp angle on what's hip, happening, and upcoming around the Bay Area, in Northern California, and the West Coast, and you have a story to pitch, email me at edit at 7x7 dot com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

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