7x7's Salute to Concierge 2013 at Westfield


Concierge all across San Francisco came together at the Westfield San Francisco Centre for 7x7's Salute to Concierge 2013 Event. Comprised of four different locations throughout the Westfield Mall, the "crawl" kept things moving and exciting.

The concierge and their guests began at Tiffany & Co. to enjoy some refreshing wine and mingle with fellow concierge while viewing timeless Tiffany pieces. Every concierge member was given a passport to take to each location for a stamp so by the last stop they could enter the amazing raffle. From there the next destination was M.Y. China-where guests enjoyed delicious hors d'oeuvres served by owner Martin Yan himself. Next, was a joint pit stop at Lark Creek Steak and Cupola where yet again guests were able to nibble on delicious pizza and steak tar tar while sipping on some complementing wine. 

The festivities did not stop there. The last destination was at Onassis where lively music, appetizers, cocktails, and raffle prizes awaited. DJ Dylan Mahoney contributed to the buzzing vibe with his music lineup while sporting some of Onassis' finest menswear pieces. Straits had people coming back for seconds with their savory chicken wings and other delights. Peroni Nastro Azzurro was a refreshing choice for a nice bottle of beer. Delicious and creative cocktails included the "The French Ginger Ale" which was a sweeter option that included Chambord Flavored Vodka mixed with some simple ginger ale. "The Fleur de Lis" was a citrusy drink that included the flavored vodka with some Chambord Liqueur, lemonade, cranberry juice, and a squeeze of lemon. If guests weren't quite in the mood for some vodka, there were two additional cocktails that were spicing up the night. "The Authentic Paloma" included Herradura Silver Tequila with a mix of grapefruit soda, splash of lime juice, and a pinch of salt. The Paloma however wasn't the only tequila based drink of the night- "The Natural Margarita" was put together with the silver tequila along with fresh lime juice, sweet nectar, and garnished lime. After a few business card exhchanges, appetizers, and cocktails-the Annual "Super" Raffle began. 

Cards were put into a box and names were pulled. All of the raffle prizes were generously donated by vendors such as Espetus, TourneauAvedaSuperdry, Burke Williams, and several more. Regardless if guests took home a prize or not, they went home having had a great time filled with good drinks, food, and conversation.

 Westfield, 865 Market Street, westfield.com/sanfrancisco

 Photos: Quincy Stamper Photography |  quincystamperphotography.com

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