8 Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions (for Real This Time)

8 Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions (for Real This Time)


Whether you plan to focus on health aspirations, clearing out clutter, or even cutting relationship ties, you should know by now that there's an app that can do it for you.

GOAL: Be more organized

APP: Omni Focus

This one's a common one, and luckily, there are plenty of download-worthy apps out there that can provide a fix. At the head of the pack is Omni Focus, an app that provides stunning clarity to all the projects on your plate, allowing you to divide and subdivide tasks to your heart's content. To keep you on track, the app simplifies your lists to a set of notifications that can easily be viewed on your screen. (Oh, and if you're worried about it not syncing with every device, don't—there's a version for Apple Watch, too). // Download here

GOAL: Declutter your home

APP: OfferUp

Bemoaning that garage sale you planned to do, but never did, and now your apartment looks like something out of Hoarders? This app makes it a cinch to take a photo of what you need to get rid of and sell it off quickly—a yard sale on your phone. It's easy to navigate, too, which is why it should be your go-to if you're looking to go all KonMari Method on your home in the new year. // Download here

GOAL: Be single in 2017

APP: Breakup Text

This one might initially elicit some laughs, but listen: even Snopes confirmed the myth that there are more breakups in January than any other time of the year. If you're among the crowd looking to head into 2017 freshly single, make it a legitimate resolution to break up with your soon to be not-so-significant-other via this app. With options to choose the gender of the dumpee and level of seriousness of your relationship, you get a few texts you can send on over to begin the process of cutting ties. // Download here

GOAL: Clean up your inbox

APP: Unroll Me

The mission to get to inbox zero is almost impossible, and being subscribed to a ton of random newsletters certainly doesn't help. This is where Unroll Me comes in, an app that allows you to easily and simply unsubscribe from marketing promos with a tap on your phone. And, if you find yourself missing them, you can easily resubscribe via the app, too. // Download here

GOAL: Travel more for less

APP: Hopper

Making a goal to travel more can certainly feel like an ambitious one, especially with packed schedules and limited vacation time. But to travel more and do it for cheap? Well, that's even more ambitious. Make every flight you buy the cheapest one available with this app, which will let you know when you can get the lowest airfares based on your travel dates. You can also know where you're able to travel based on your budget, and set up an alert to let you know when that ticket you're dying to buy has dipped to its lowest point. // Download here

(Courtesy of TableRunner)

GOAL: Eat well (even when you have a busy schedule)

APP: TableRunner

SF residents know that there is no shortage of food delivery apps, but using them to eat healthy can be tricky. In spite of convenience, getting delicious but junky stuff delivered to your door simply isn't that helpful in the long run. With TableRunner, you can personally curate meals for each day, which are then automatically sent to you throughout the week. Meals are prepared fresh, ready to be eaten, and always made with seasonal, wholesome ingredients, making it a no-brainer to start the new year by treating your busy body right. // Download here

GOAL: Meditate more

APP: Meditation Studio

Come January 1, people tend to go into high drive in the hopes of syncing the whole mind, body, spirit triangle. Fitness goals aside, this app looks specifically at the other two parts of the equation, setting up guided meditations so that you feel more connected and focused after listening to them. Plus, committing to staying on track with your meditations is a breeze with Meditation Studio, because it schedules and tracks how much you meditate, providing helpful timelines that'll keep you on course to checking in with yourself throughout the year. // Download here

GOAL: Read more (not just on the Internet)

APP: ReadThisNext

Even if you spend all day in front of a screen pouring through article after article, it's hard to deny the value of a work of fiction to help you relax, disconnect, and get immersed in a good storyline. For those who have trouble sifting through literally thousands of published tomes out there on every topic imaginable, ReadThisNext makes it possible to find recommendations for what to pick up next based on what your favorite authors and other readers are currently devouring. Consider it like one of those year-end “best of" lists that keeps on giving. // Download here

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