9 Gadgets to Help You Survive Outside Lands in Style


Festivals always seem to be equal parts fun and discomfort. Amidst the glorious light shows, the gourmet bites, and the thrill of seeing your favorite artists live, there are the crowds, the lines, the port-o-potties, the barf. To make the three-day experience just a tad bit more comfortable, we rounded up nine essential gadgets to transform the festival grounds into a luxurious getaway. 

Inflatable Gadget Chair

(Photo courtesy of Iwantoneofthose.com

This is the Lamborghini of portable chairs, loaded with everything you need to have a good time: speakers, an aux cable, sunken beverage holder, and ultra comfiness. There isn’t much else to ask for. // £50, iwantoneofthose.com

Walkie Talkie Watches

 (Photo courtesy of Amazon)

You’re bound to lose a friend or two, and having cell service is like winning the lottery (with the same odds). These watches not only tell time, but are also walkie talkies! Over and out. // $48, amazon.com

Collapsible Pint Glass

(Photo courtesy of Amazon

This collapsible pint glass makes party hopping easy. Pull your handy glass out of your pocket, fill it up, and then collapse it again before moving on to the next round of tomfoolery. // £5, amazon.com

Smartphone Camera Lens

(Photo courtesy of BiteMyApple

You may not be able to bring in a professional camera, but you can tack an olloclip to your iPhone for an array of different lens options. // $70, bitemyapple.co

Solar Powered Backup Battery

(Photo courtesy of Amazon

Revive your dying devices with solar power! When the panel is completely charged, you'll have enough power to fully charge your smartphone four times. // $19, amazon.com

6-Pack Beer Belt

(Photo courtesy of Amazon

Let’s face it, you can never have enough beer. And scouring the grounds just to wait in line for for a drink sucks. Be the John Wayne of the festival with your holster of brewskies, ready to pull one out at any time of the day. // $9, amazon.com

Personal Hotspot  

(Photo courtesy of Best Buy)

Forget relying on cell service. Take matters into your own hands by generating your own personal wifi bubble. The ZTE allows for high speed internet on up to 8 devices, and fits comfortably in your pocket. // $50, bestbuy.com

Sun Jar

(Photo courtesy of suck.uk

This solar-powered lantern adds a warm glow to the evening shows. Leave it out during the day to soak up some rays, then watch it light up after dark. // $32, amazon.com

Unisex Uriwell

(Photo courtesy of Amazon

Behold, the travel potty. It may seem iffy now, but when you’ve been waiting 40 minutes to get into a port-o-potty that you know is filthy, you’ll hail this glorious contraption. // $11, amazon.com


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