A Bartender-Developed App Helps You Keep Tabs On Tahoe Happenings


Ever wonder what's going on in Truckee and around the North Shore of Lake Tahoe? Now there's an app for that.

Bartender Steve Morris -- you may have seen him pouring libations at such Truckee watering holes as Fifty Fifty Brewing Company, The Pastime and Cottonwoods -- fielded that question so many times in his seven years on the local scene that he decided to develop a web site called North Tahoe Playground and a free app for smart phones that relay the current social scene in Truckee and North Lake.

"So many people from the Bay Area come up this way to spend a few days," Morris said. "This is a great way to find out about the many entertainment options up here."

Morris, who has no tech background and spent nearly six months developing the North Tahoe Playground site ("I learned as I went along," he said), has most of the local businesses on board, including restaurants, bars, ski resorts, golf courses, hotels and night clubs. Some will even hand out special deals if you present your smart phone to them with the site on it (the app is available both from the iPhone App Store and the Android Market).

"Let's face it," he said, "there's a lot going on in the North Tahoe region year round, and that's why I developed this app."

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