A Crissy Field Workout


Eat too much this holiday season? Burn some of it off with this Crissy Field workout, brought to us by PacWest Athletics

1. Begin your workout with an easy out-and-back warm-up jog from the Warming Hut Café towards Fort Point National Historic site (at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge).

2. Return to the picnic tables next to the Warming Hut for a set of rotator cuff exercises (two to three sets; 10 to 15 reps).

• Thread one handle through the other around a table/bench leg. Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart.

• With your outside hand, grab the handle and keep the elbow tight by your side at all times and rotate out ninety degrees. Switch arms.

• Increase resistance by taking a step further away. Keep your elbow tight by your side to strengthen the rotator cuff and not the upper shoulder.

3. Utilizing the picnic tables, transition directly into push-ups with minimum recovery (six sets; 15 reps, 13, 11, 9, 7, 5).

• Place hands shoulder width apart. Bend elbows and bring your collarbone down directly over the edge of the picnic table.

• Rest only for 10-seconds before going into your next set, starting at 15 reps and finishing the exercise with five reps.

4. Make your way over to the stairway behind the Warming Hut for a set of stair repeats (3 sets).

• With each step, keep a consistent pace as you jog up to the top of the stairs and return back to the bottom.

• Allow your legs to recover as you make your way down the stairs and be sure to explode back up the stairs once at the bottom. Repeat.

5. Stay at the top of the stairs after your last stair repeat and begin side squats up the paved trail (5 minutes).

• Make sure to alternate your squats leading with the left leg (facing Golden Gate Bridge) and the right leg.

• Start with legs shoulder width apart. Squat down bending knees 90 degrees, keeping your chest and shoulders upright.

• Stand up, bring feet together. Keep moving in one direction and alternate after five reps. Repeat to the top of the paved trail.

6. Jog back down the bottom of the paved trail and stairway making your way back to the Warming Hut building for a timed wall-sit.

• Line up with your back against the side of the Warming Hut wall.

• Bend knees 90 degrees. Keep your feet / knees no further than six inches apart.

• Make sure your head, shoulders and lower back are pressed against the wall. Time yourself for 1, 2 or 3 minutes.

7. Notice the 100 foot concrete step located in front of the Warming Hut Café and prep for a set of shoulder extensions (2 to 3 sets, 10 to 15 reps).

• Utilizing your resistance band, bring arms above your head with hands firmly placed at each end of the band.

• Bring arms down horizontally, locking out your elbows and squeezing shoulder blades together.  Hold for 1-sec count and return slowly.

8. Wrap up your workout with an easy cool-down jog again from the Warming Hut Café towards Fort Point and back—a great way to loosen up those leg muscles.

9. Congratulate yourself. You're done!

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