A Deliciously Sweet Alternative To Traditional Beauty Treatments

A Deliciously Sweet Alternative To Traditional Beauty Treatments


Sugaring, an ancient form of hair removal, has been brought back to life right in the heart of San Francisco. Owner and Esthetician, Anna Crowley specializes in this all natural service and has both male and female clients popping in for a taste of honey.

Located just one block away from Union Square, on the 9th floor of the historic Shreve Building, lies Honeypot, a quaint sugaring studio that is gaining a huge cult following. Whether you are on your lunch break, working a little late, or just in the neighborhood for shopping, you can squeeze in some time to visit Anna for a little TLC.

I chatted with Anna and visited her brightly lit space, to get the inside scoop to why sugaring is the new waxing.

“Sugaring is a perfect alternate for those with sensitive skin as it does not stick to live tissue, only dead skin cells.  For those who are prone to ingrown hair, sugaring is a perfect alternative as the hair is removed with direction of growth versus waxing where hair is removed against direction of growth.  Sugaring is also the top choice for clients who prefer to have less waiting time between hair removal services as only 1/8" is needed for the sugar to grab a hold of, unlike wax that needs 1/4". On top of all that there's an added bonus, sugaring has also shown to decrease hair regrowth with time and consistency.”

Not only are Anna’s sugaring services well sought after, there is a specific service that she specializes in that has made up of most of Anna’s Honeypot clientele.

“I'd say most clients come in wanting Brazilian and bikini services. Brows would be second runner up, but Brazilians and bikinis take the lead by far!”

As homage to the female Holy Grail, this leads to why Anna came about naming her business, “Honeypot”:

“While considering names for the studio I was looking for a name that could somehow incorporate the idea of sugar or glucose and was coming up short until a good friend made a toast to 'Anna's Honeypot'.  I thought, ‘that's it!’  After the friend defined the use of the term honeypot, I knew I had been gifted the name for the studio.  Honeypot is not only cheeky, it's disarming yet innocent all at the same time.”  

But Honeypot doesn’t just specialize in services for the ladies; men frequent Anna’s services and receive special treatment as well.

“I pride myself on offering more than just a service, I strive to offer an experience and hope that everyone who walks out the door feels appreciated and well cared for.”


Interested in giving sugaring a try? Visit honeypotsf.com to book your service.

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