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A Ramen Vending Machine Lands in SF + More Topics to Discuss Over Brunch


A handful of Bay Area stories you may have missed this week.

San Francisco's newest vending machine is serving up hot ramen. How does it taste?, SF Gate

Situated right next to Cafe X, the robot barista at the Metreon, is Yo-Kai Express, who just started serving food Monday. This isn't your standard cup of noodles though, upon paying the $10.99 plus tax, you'll receive a steaming bowl of tonkotsu ramen, freshly defrosted and assembled. You'll even get a set of chopsticks and a spoon. Read more.

Oakland Sex Shop Wants Space in SF International Airport, SF Examiner

You may be able to snag a new toy for your next trip right in the airport. Eight-year-old Feelmore sex shop in Oakland is looking to join the Terminal 3 Pop-Up Program with affordable, temporary space for small businesses. The catch? It requires more revenue than many businesses are able to come up with. Read more.

Disturbing before-and-after images show what the San Francisco Bay Area could look like in 2100, Business Insider

Parts of San Francisco Bay Area are sinking into the Pacific Ocean, and flooding will get increasingly worse. This is just another way of the planet telling us we drastically reduce emissions, otherwise, the city we love most may all be under water. The before and after images are quite shocking. Read more.

Prefab Finds a Home in Fire-Ravaged Neighborhoods of California, NY Times

With thousands of homes destroyed in the fires, many are looking for quick replacements so they can settle back into everyday living. Areas like Santa Rosa are seeing an influx of prefab homes due to their efficiency and cost, and areas that once held old ranch homes now have shiny, new contemporary abodes. Read more.

Did San Francisco really lose more residents than any other city last quarter?, SF Curbed

There have been talks of tech migrations and residents moving away due to the skyrocketing cost of living in the Bay Area, but whether or not San Francisco's population is decreasing remains inconclusive. Here are the numbers. Read more.

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