A Sephora Writer Does Work Chic Downtown


Name: Ariella Gogol

Age: 28

Hood: The Mission

Job: Senior Writer at Sephora

What she's wearing: "An Acne dress, Steven Alan coat, Pamela Love earrings, and Dieppa Restrepo shoes."

How would you describe your style?
"Feminine but minimal. Architectural and aspiring toward the French."

Has your style changed after moving from NYC to S.F.?

"I'm more drawn to pastels, florals, prints, and cool sneakers. And I'm more aware of my lack of jeans and tees."

How would you describe San Francisco style...or is there even such a thing?

"Earthy, relaxed, and in flats."

If you had to live anywhere else, where would it be?

"New York! It's home."

What are your top 5 San Francisco spots?

"Dalva, Press Club, Lolinda, Dolores Park, and Mission Minyan."

What's up next for you?

"Long-awaited trips to Scribe Winery and San Diego. And then the biggest trip of all — moving back to New York!"

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