A Valentine's Day Chocolate Buying Guide


Whether you're celebrating with a sweetheart, a gang of single buds or by yourself, chocolate is in order. Here are our picks.

For your coworkers (aw, aren't you nice!)
Everyone in the office will appreciate the flavor focused “Hug Me Lazy Bite Me Tasty” treats from Tcho. Forty-eight mini bars in a nifty tin ($40) will keep your coworkers happily munching away. Pier 17, 415-963-5090

For your true love
Which is more beautiful—your date or Christopher Elbow’s exquisite Valentine collection ($36)? The lovely box includes five hand painted hearts filled with a decadent infused caramel. 401 Hayes St., 415-355-1105

For your mom
Go classic for mumsy with Charles Chocolates' red velvet heart shaped boxes ($36-$64) filled with chocolates.  510-652-4412, available at most Whole Foods stores.

For the artisan-obsessed
Get a mixed assortment of gourmet goodies at Cocoabella. A four piece sampler box of artisanal chocolate is $12. 2102 Union St., 415-931-6213

For your BFF
If your Valentine already has a ring, why not give them Woodhouse Chocolate’s dark chocolate truffle version of the Irish claddagh, said to represent the best aspects of life: love (the heart), friendship (the hands) and loyalty (the crown).

For yourself
We've all played the dating game—but Recchiuti’s XO box ($36) seems like it would be far more satisfying. Full of cherry-and-ganache-filled truffles and champagne hearts filled with silky caramel, win the game by eating three in a row.  Ferry Building Marketplace, 415-834-9494

For your boyfriend
If you want to figure out if your new man is a keeper, give him Woodhouse Chocolatessolid chocolate toad with a heart on its back ($3), and wait to see if he turns into a prince. 

For your crush
Need a Valentine this year? Cast a delicious spell on your crush with Neococoa’s Love Potion #9 balsamic strawberry chocolate (mini) Truffles ($12). http://www.neococoa.com/shop.html#

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