An 'Anonymous Postcard' to the Moms of Mill Valley


Does Governor Blagojevich know how bad his hair is? If he’s been too busy lately to watch late night comedy maybe someone should send him a note suggesting he reconsider his locks.

No problem, Tucker Nichols has that covered. His website, Anonymous Postcard, is an ongoing art project slash public service for opinionated and (mostly) cranky citizens. Essentially, it's an online suggestion box where opiners can submit a "claim." Nichols will fancy it up a bit, turn it into a poscard and mail it to the interested party. Claimant # 023320081211 wanted Governor Blagojevich to know that the corruption is one thing; but that bad hair is unforgivable.

Other comments sent through the U.S. mail include gripes about the improperly cut sandwiches at Harvest Urban Market, a thought about the ill-chosen music selection at a Brooklyn Restaurant and a complaint to The Moms of Mill Valley (a Trojan box serves as the postcard here).

The Mill Valley artist has had recent solo shows in New York and San Francisco and his drawings have been published in McSweeney's and the Op-Ed pages of The New York Times. And he was recently commissioned by the de Young Museum as its first roving artist-in-residence.

What’s fun about Anonymous Postcard is the ritualized kvetching it encourages. And nothing beats bitching about Bay Area vexations; postcards have been mailed to the likes of Alice Waters, Gavin Newsom, the San Francisco Opera and those upstairs neighbors who are too, you know, “loud.”





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