Bag Lady


Recently I was on a six-and-a-half hour cross-country plane ride sitting, in awe, next to a woman with a gorgeous new Louis Vuitton monogram handbag. It wasn’t the bag exactly that caught my eye (although it was a beauty). I was amazed that throughout the entire trip, the woman cradled the purse in her lap— careful not to sully its perfect leather—not once letting it touch the ground. I’ve never been that obsessed with a bag, although I’ve come admittedly close. Close enough, in fact, to consider buying something like this:

Courtesy of Luxe Link

Luxe Link is a practical little device that comes in handy should you be carrying, say, your favorite limited edition winter-white calfskin Michael Kors braided handle satchel that you finally found online after months of searching and you’re at your favorite neighborhood dive with it and don’t have anywhere to put it. Or something like that. Luxe Link ($45) at Jest Jewels, 1869 Union St., 415-563-8839 or

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