Bay to Breakers: What to Wear


Truth: Bay to Breakers is more about the theatrics than the race itself. When it comes to deciding what to don this Sunday morning, the thought process can be downright stressful. And let's be honest, Sarah Palin costumes were so Halloween 2008. In case you've yet to come up with a quirky idea of your own (hint: the more flamboyant, the better), here are a few costume suggestions we compiled with a little help from our friends.

Mystical Creatures

Be it unicorns, centaurs, fairies, sphinx, phoneix or vampires, the supernatural are super-fun (and super-easy) to recreate with the help of your remnants from the 80's (e.g. hot pants and fur), makeup and/or face paint, and a pair of horns or fangs here and there (check in at Costumes on Haight for any bit you can't find at your closet drugstore or Target). Blame it on Harry Potter, Twilight or TrueBlood fanaticism--whatever it is that created this whole obsession with the supes, we dig it.

Octo-Mom and her Octo-Crew

If you have a team of nine, designate the leader of the group as everyone's favorite Angelina Jolie-doppelganger fameball (use lip plumper if you really want to do the trick). The remaining eight participants can sport makeshift diapers, bonnets, pacifiers and bottles. Bonus points for added touches like respirators and tails (B2B is hardly PC, after all).

Headless Chicken Brigade

Make like a chicken and lay eggs. Or take some clothes you couldn't care less about, glue cheap feathers to every last square inch (procured from any nearby craft store), and carry a chicken head under your arm (um, we mean a fake chicken head, of course). Don't worry, it doesn't make sense to us either. But isn't that the point of the entire extravaganza in the first place?

March of the Penguins

All you need is a black garbage bag, some construction paper and a bowtie (optional) to pose as everyone's favorite friends from the South Pole. So throw on your color-coordinating suits--ski masks over your face (or better yet, an old ball cap as a beak) fully complete the look--and waddle along the B2B route like you were born to do.


With Batman, IronMan, Wolverine and his mutant friends and foes all lighting up the big screen, this past year has not been devoid of superheroes by any means. Which means every store you visit from here to Krytpon and beyond should be well-stocked with the makings of your favorite comic book hero.

Have any other creative ideas you don't mind sharing with the class? Spread the B2B love by leaving it in the comments below.

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