Beer Dinners: Ame Getting Into the Act


Not long ago, we wrote about Monk's Kettle's (my, that's awkward sounding) new program of monthly beer-pairing dinners. Which, by the way, is a great idea, as beer is arguably just-as, if not more, food-friendly than wine.

So, it's nice to see other restaurants getting into the act. In this case on June 17th it's Ame, lending executive chef Greg Dunmore's and kitchen guru Hiro Sone's talents to a menu paired with the (in)famously extreme ales of Delaware's Dogfish Head brewery (which even earned a profile in the New Yorker not long ago).

The menu (see below) sounds like a winner, particularly the paring of grilled quail, saffron risotto with the Midas Touch Ancient Ale, a uniquely extreme brew that supposedly follows a recipe of ingredients found in the 2700-year-old tomb of King Midas. The brew tastes somewhere between mead and beer, with lots of aromatic spices thrown in and a redolence of raisins.

Best of all, the whole dinner with pairings costs just $55, not including tax and tip. Call Ame (415-284-4040) for more details. (By the way, Monk's Kettle has another corker on tap for June 3, pairing five courses with the beers of Deschuttes Brewery of Bend, Oregon, one of the best breweries on the West Coast.)

Ale Dinner at Ame, June 17th
Featuring Dogfish Head Beer of
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Grilled Monterey Squid Salad
with Butter Beans, Sungold Tomatoes and Spicy Avocado Basil Vinaigrette
Aprihop India Pale Ale

Grilled Quail on Saffron Risotto with Verjus Sauce
Midas Touch Ancient Ale

Sandwich of Palo Santo Marron Ice Cream and Chocolate Cookies
Palo Santo “Holy Tree” Marron Ale

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