Big Sweet, Ramen Guide, Burger Bonanza Now on Foodspotting 2.0!


Those of you who have been busy spotting Big Eat items on Foodspotting now have some more lists to get through! We're excited to announce that we're part of Foodspotting's 2.0 iPhone app and website launch, and now have our Big Sweet 2010, our Ramen Guide and our SF Burger Bonanza available for the hunt. So renew those gym memberships and get busy  making plans to spot Fish & Farm burgers, Hapa ramen and Humphry Slocombe's Secret Breakfast ice cream. You can find all of 7x7's lists here.

We're thrilled to be in the company of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations  (who are using their guide to celebrate their 100th episode) and Zagat for this launch and are proud to be the San Francisco featured publisher on Foodspotting.

Other upgrades to the Foodspotting platform are the ability to follow guides created by trusted users and earn points ("Tips") when others bookmark ("Want") or recommend ("Nom") foods they spotted first and see this activity within the app.

So get spotting!

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