Bike Love: 7 Charming Bay Area Pedal Prints


For a city defined by hills and fog, we sure do have a lot of people who brave the elements, and topography, to make San Francisco a cyclist's paradise. In our experience, dodging Muni and jaywalkers is harrowing, but the sense of camaraderie on The Wiggle can't be beat. Whether you're a weekend cyclist leisurely riding down the Embarcadero, or a bike messenger speeding through FiDi, we found seven handmade prints that illustrate what it means to take San Francisco's streets by pedal.

1. Bikes of San Francisco, 11 bikes for 11 neighborhoods. 2-color screenprint by Tor Weeks

2. Bike the Bay Area, 2-color screenprint by MathewGoods

3. SF Bike Route, Hand-Pulled Linocut by 3FishStudios

4. Uphill/Downhill, Screenprint by Albert&Marie

5. Arm Signals, Pen & Watercolor by WendyMcNaughton

6. I Left My Bike in San Francisco, Digital Print by Bunny Dee

7. Ride a Bike, Digital Print by SealDesignStudios

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