A rare book written in 1949 called Nautral Architecture shows a geometrical diagram at left and a zodiacal hermaphrodite. (Courtesy of Gina Ferazzi)

Mountain Lions Stroll Through SF, a Third Gender Appears on CA Birth Certificates + More Topics to Discuss Over Brunch


A handful of Bay Area stories you may have missed this week.

Mountain Lions Are Wandering the Streets of SF, SF Gate

Not one, but two mountain lions have been spotted; the second of which was recorded walking in the Presidio in front of the home of Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. Read more.

Third-gender Intersex Rights Appear on California's New Birth Certificate, SF Chronicle

The designation of a third gender on birth certificates will protects the hundreds of intersex babies born every year in California. The term will be used as an umbrella to describe natural variations in the body that may transcend male or female; which as many as 1.7 percent of people carry. Read more.

Cracks Found on the Sinking Millennium Tower, SF Curbed

The high-rise, currently being hit with a multitude of lawsuits, is showing a spiderweb of cracks on the interior columns of the building. Read more.

A Real-Life Breaking Bad Drug Bust in Noe Valley, Mission Local

In the quiet little nook of Noe, in a perfectly unassuming home, police discovered 70 pounds of meth, two pounds of heroin and $46,000 in cash. Read more.

Leave It to SF to Have a Seinfeld Art Show, SF Weekly

Opening tonight, Honey Hive will be host to Seinfeld-themed paintings and caricatures, a potential fusilli Jerry, and Young British Artists-esque pieces made with "actual human blood." There will also be several variations of the theme song played by local band Meant to Bend. Read more.

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