Chicks Got Game Too: 7 Girl-friendly iPhone Games


Who says chicks can't play video games? Here are a few iPhone games to rescue you from boredom.

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Sally's Spa

Picky when it comes to your spa and think you can do it better? Multi-tasking is key here. Send your clients to the sauna, choose their facials, sell your products and keep them happy. Now only $0.99, download.


Tap Tap Revenge

It's free and you can even have two players. Think Guitar Hero, but tapping to the beat. The latest version features over 150 free songs, including All American Rejects, 311, Rise Against, and Daft Punk. Free, download.

Also check out Tap Tap Revenge - Lady Gaga, Coldplay and NIN. Yes, now you can Tap Tap to "Just Dance." $4.99, download.

Wedding Dash

For those who always wanted to be a wedding planner. Select everything from the cake to the flowers, then rescue falling cakes and drunken guests. $4.99, download.

Supermarket Mania

Stock till you drop! Stocking shelves is no joke and time management skills are a must or this game will just piss you off, but keep you playing. $3.99, download.


It's digital crack. Aim, shoot and bounce to clear as many orange pegs as you can.This game will make your morning MUNI commute go by faster with 55 levels to conquer. $4.99, download.

Real Racing

Because you can be a chick that likes to race cars. Choose from 36 cars with multiple tracks, touch or tilt to steer and replay your best on YouTube, all while listening to your own music. $9.99, download.

Bejeweled 2

Congrats to Bejeweled for selling over 25 million units since 2000. It's a classic, yet being so simple and sometimes pointless, it's surprisingly addictive. $2.99, download.

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