Cirque du Soleil: A Bug's Life


It's amazing what the human body can do - well, what some human bodies can do. All mine does is vacuum up peanut M&Ms at an obscene rate. But Cirque du Soleil employs the most talented circus artists in the world and extends the ingenuity for which it's famous - as well as the capabilities of the human body - a bit further into the realm of "dear god, how is that physically possible?" with every show.

Set in a cavernous big top with 17-foot flowers and luminous spheres crafted in usual gorgeous Cirque fashion, Ovo is a riotous journey through the feats and intrigues of the insect world. Lithe, bendy bugs swing on ropes, balance on slack wire or a fellow performer's extended leg - as well as other, less delicate, apparatus. You wouldn't believe what a group of acrobats can do with a climbing wall and trampolines (hint: they fly).

Always worth seeing, Cirque du Soleil's Ovo is whimsical and jaw dropping. You'll marvel at the grace, skill, and complete lack of body fat that should, by rights, be showcased in so much bright spandex.

Plays through January 24 at AT&T Park. Tickets:


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